How to get your partner interested in cycling.

If you love riding your bike and would like to take your partner along on every tour with you, you need to get your soul mate interested in cycling.

Although cycling together is the best thing, it is not always straightforward. You might not have the same levels of strength and endurance as your partner, or you might not share his or her good cycling technique. Situations of this kind can soon put paid to the idea of a relaxed tour. Let us show you how to persuade your partner to come on tours with you.


Select the right bicycle

It is always more fun to ride a modern e-bike rather than a rusty old contraption. Sitting on the saddle should be comfortable and you should be able to change gears easily and feel completely at ease on the bicycle. Selecting the right bike plays a key role in keeping newly discovered enthusiasm for riding a bike alive.


Be understanding

If you could spend all day on your bike, but your partner has only just started cycling, be understanding when he or she doesn't feel like cycling or if his or her legs aren’t as strong as yours. Everyone has the occasional bad day so don't let it get you down.


Enjoyment rather than competition

Remember that the main aim is to do something together and to show your partner something new. Nobody feels like trying to keep up with a better cyclist while struggling to breathe. Make sure that you don't extinguish any enthusiasm before you have even started your tour properly.


Make the most of different assistance levels.

Use different assistance levels when you are out and about on your e-bike. If you are significantly fitter than your partner when it comes to cycling, you should ride in eco mode, while your partner uses a higher assistance level.


Plan breaks

Plan realistic distances that won’t be too much for your partner. This also includes planning breaks. A small break and a snack en route can be real life-savers and lighten the mood after a challenging incline.


Talking helps

Communication is the most important thing. Ask if you are cycling at the right speed or let your partner know if you would like a break. As in any situation, talking always helps.


Ride alone at times.

You don't actually have to do everything together. Sometimes it is also nice to go for a ride on your own at your own speed. Doing so will increase your motivation for the next time you go out on your bikes together.


by Yvonne Wyss
06 January 2020