Inside FLYER: by generalists and specialists.

This month, HR Generalist Natasa tells you about her world at FLYER, the variety in her working day in the HR department and explains how her job is anything but generic.

Warm, confident, interested – that’s how Natasa greets applicants when they come for an interview. She then gives honest information about the company, asks probing questions and gives thoughtful answers to questions posed by applicants. “Conducting job interviews and getting to know potential new employees is a very exciting part of my job and also an interesting challenge,” explains Natasa. After all, Natasa recruits people for posts with very different job profiles for the team, covering the full range – from software developers and expert accountants to marketing managers and production employees.


Recruiting new employees is only a small part of Natasa’s job, however. “I spend much more of my time on internal processes,” she explains. This might involve making sure that employees are always paid on time, deducting insurance premiums or providing support in strategic areas. “We’re a small HR team of three people in Huttwil with responsibility for the concerns of over 250 employees, so there’s always something to do,” continues Natasa.


HR Generalist – it might sound very general, but it actually requires huge amounts of very specific knowledge. Alongside handling HR administration, Natasa is well-versed in labour law and social security and tax regulations, acts as an interface between insurance and accounting, is the point of contact for job applicants and a confidante for employees. With her open manner, she takes a patient and matter-of-fact approach to every concern and task.


FLYER AG, Employee Portrait Natasa
HR Generalist Natasa

Natasa herself started working at FLYER largely by chance. She previously had little to do with e-bikes or the bike industry but she now couldn’t be happier about this twist of fate. “I’m really happy with my job and I've even discovered e-bikes for myself now,” divulges Natasa. After intensive tests, Natasa ordered a FLYER Upstreet1 for herself. “I can get where I need to go very quickly on this agile speedster for around town,” she explains.


Flying through the streets on her Upstreet1 is not the only thing that Natasa does quickly – she shows similar speed when whizzing back to work, responding to an enquiry over the phone and preparing for the next job interview. What specific questions should the applicant ask this HR Generalist in this situation?


Natasa has been working at FLYER since 2018 and, as an HR Generalist, is the first point of contact regarding vacancies at FLYER, carries out HR administration and is always available to listen to employees’ concerns. Natasa enjoys spending her free time with her dog, goes travelling to faraway places, goes to concerts and uses her FLYER Upstreet1.


by Yvonne Wyss
03 April 2019