Inside FLYER: FIT for the future.

Come with us on an exciting journey. In our Inside FLYER posts, various FLYER employees will provide you with an insight into the world of FLYER. This month, CTO Ivica Durdevic talks about the latest planned further developments relating to FLYER Intelligent Technology.

Over the more than six years Ivica Durdevic has worked for FLYER, a great deal has changed and further significant change is on the horizon. Over recent years, Ivi (as everyone calls Ivica Durdevic) has had a considerable influence on the further development of FLYER e-bikes. There is not much in today's models to remind us of e-bikes from 2013. Today, there are modern designs and fresh colours, combined with smart technology and batteries that are fully or partially integrated into the frame. In visual terms, modern e-bikes with state-of-the-art networked components can hardly be distinguished from conventional bicycles.


Ivi enjoys this rapidly progressing and constant change: “I love working hard with my young team on the continuous development of our FLYER e-bikes and introducing useful innovations.” Looking to the future, Ivi sees an e-bike that weighs 15 kilograms and that elegantly and almost silently masters any incline with ease. It will also boast a range that allows you to explore unknown areas and technology that always thinks with you, whether to provide enhanced safety for en route or increased comfort, e.g. automatic service reminders.


FLYER AG, Employee Portrait Ivica Durdevic
FLYER CTO Ivica Durdevic

Technology that thinks with you, perfectly networked and interacting components, new interfaces, and smart functions: FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT), which we developed ourselves, represents a milestone. FIT already links all the system’s key components and optimises their interplay. Rapid further development of new technologies and digitalisation open up, yet also necessitate, completely new possibilities. FLYER is investing in development to do justice to these possibilities. The development team is being reorganised, a “FIT” business unit is being created, resources are being increased, and additional team members are being recruited. All this is taking place under Ivi’s supervision.


The aim of the regrouped and additional workers is to raise FLYER Intelligent Technology to a new evolutionary level. And in future, not only FLYER e-bikes but also models by other ZEG brands will be equipped with FIT. The motto is to utilise synergies and economies of scale. The integration and networking of new components will pose challenges of their own. However, Ivi is convinced that this will be more than worth it.


Ivica Durdevic has worked for FLYER since 2013, is a member of the management board, and is responsible for overall product development as Chief Technical Officer (CTO). In his leisure time, Ivi likes to test the latest FLYER series: he chooses the FLYER Upstreet5 for longer tours and everyday use, while the FLYER Uproc7 is his favourite for riding off-road.


by Yvonne Wyss
18 January 2019