Inside FLYER: very special experiences.

This month, experience planner Farah will provide you with an insight into her world at FLYER, and tell you about her hectic everyday life during the season and about fresh ideas for new offers for visitors to the FLYER factory in Huttwil.

From flower child with a passion for event planning to event planner with a penchant for flowers. A trained florist, Farah qualified as a tourism specialist and soon realised that her passion lay in organising and planning events. This is how Farah ended up in the varied FLYER Experience Team where she designs, plans and organises numerous team events, but also experience offers for individual guests.


“A lot goes on during the season”, explains Farah, “but that is also exactly what I love about my work.” The season runs from spring to autumn and sees about 10,000 guests visit the FLYER factory in Huttwil. This is when Farah organises and coordinates numerous e-bike tours for companies around Huttwil, catering events, riding skills courses for new e-mountainbike riders, factory visits for associations, e-bike rental, murder mystery tours, riding safety courses, as well as issuing vouchers for all the FLYER experience offers on request. If the worst comes to the worst, Farah will also step in as a guide or lead a factory visit or group tour.


It all sounds quite stressful, but is simply Farah's everyday life. This is when she comes to life, greeting every guest with contagious sincerity and organising every event with passion and in accordance with guests’ specific wishes. However, even in the low season, when the days get shorter and colder and the demand for group events is clearly reduced, Farah and the Experience Team have no time to put their feet up.


FLYER AG, Portrait of Farah
FLYER experience planner Farah

The aim of the quieter winter months is to further develop existing offers and to design new offers. This is the time when Farah writes down ideas, visits partners in the region, calculates prices and develops targeted marketing strategies. “We once again saw quite a few changes for the 2019 season”, explains Farah, “for example the inclusion of the “Bear tour” and the FLYER maintenance course in the programme.” We are now also offering e-MTB riding skills courses exclusively for women.” When Farah speaks of “we”, she means the FLYER Experience Team. “We stick together and support each other, and it means a lot to me to know that the team has my back”, says Farah.


All the passion that Farah brings to the FLYER experience offers, which has a contagious effect on those around her, reflects her professional background. If guests eat in the FLYER cafeteria, the decorations have to be just right. If Farah gives an internal knowledge-sharing presentation, she will set up advent decorations in the run-up to Christmas. After all, there can never be enough variety in the colourful everyday life of a multifaceted experience planner.


Farah has worked for FLYER since 2017 and, as an experience planner, bears joint responsibility for the design, organisation and implementation of events and offers for groups and individual guests at the FLYER factory in Huttwil. In her leisure time, Farah is a passionate volley ballplayer, creates jewellery from precious stones, likes to be outside in nature, and will always choose the FLYER Upstreet4 for longer tours.


by Yvonne Wyss
27 February 2019