Lost for ideas on where to go on a tour? This is how you can find the best tours in your local area.

A glorious weather forecast, not a single cloud in the clear blue sky, your FLYER e-bike is ready, but you don't know where to go? This is not a problem as we will show you an extremely easy way to find beautiful tours in your local area.

FLYER e-bike tours with komoot

The komoot navigation app not only suggests new tours to you, but you can also use it to plan any routes you would like to ride. While you are riding, komoot shows you where to go and, if you want to, you can monitor your performance via the fitness screen.

Riding through the heart of Switzerland

Explore new paths, right across Switzerland. On the Herzroute (Heart Route), you will get to know Switzerland as it once was. You can either use your own e-bike to cycle the individual sections, or you can hire a FLYER e-bike for the tour from one of the many rental stations along the route.


Family and friends

Why look far away when the answer is close to home? Your family and friends will undoubtedly have numerous great ideas about where you can go on your next FLYER e-bike tour. Ask them personally the next time you have dinner or coffee together, or post the question on your social networks. Whether Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, you will be surprised how many of your friends are able to suggest fantastic routes for you.


Switzerland, the country of tourism

As a local, you often forget that the websites of smaller tourist destinations in your area have excellent suggestions for bicycle tours. Whether you want a relaxing ride over smooth bicycle paths or whether you want to take on challenging trails on your mountain bike – there is usually something for everyone.


Let's hear it for the internet

Tourist destination websites are not the only places where you can find useful tips, there are now also thousands of on-line communities and blogs on the topics of bicycles and e-bikes. Veloland Schweiz, for example, provides a wealth of inspiration for new routes in Switzerland, as does ADFC in Germany. So, have you found some new ideas?



by Yvonne Wyss
19 August 2019