Maintenance course

Proper e-bike care has to be learned on the FLYER care course.


If you want to enjoy a long riding relationship with your bicycle, you need to care for and maintain it – just as you would in any relationship. The FLYER e-bike maintenance course will teach you how to keep this relationship going for as long as possible and how you and your e-bike can become even better suited to each other.


The half-day course is completed with a glimpse behind the scenes of e-bike production and test rides of the latest FLYER models on the factory grounds.

8.30 am Welcome
8.45 am Cleaning your own e-bike
9.30 am Break with coffee and bun
10.00 am Optimum cleaning & maintenance
10.45 am Identifying problems
11.15 am Factory visit
12.15 pm Test ride of various FLYER e-bikes
12.30 pm End of programme

Details of offer

Number of people 6-8 participants
Attendance  Bring your own e-bike with you
Course location Huttwil (outside)
Wear weather-appropriate work clothing

CHF 99.- per person

The cost of the course includes: E-bike cleaning infrastructure, Motorex Cleaning Kit, worth CHF 68.00, coffee, bun and drinks, factory tour, friendly guides

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Further information & downloads

Maintenance course (PDF)

General terms and conditions (PDF)