The new FLYER brand ambassador is Janet Weick, alias Mythos-eBike

Jani has been a familiar face on the mountain e-bike scene since 2016, as almost everyone has already stumbled across her blog



She discovered her love of mountain biking back in 2006 and took part in numerous mountain bike marathons such as the legendary Swiss Bike Master.



“Micha and I met at the Bike Marathon in Riva and our shared passion was crowned by our wedding on a bike holiday in South Tyrol in 2012,” says Jani, when you ask her about her favorite biking memories.


A rather difficult pregnancy that made it impossible to do sport for several months was followed by three hard years on a mountain bike pulling a heavy child trailer. Switching to a mountain e-bike in 2016 brought the fun back again, even with a child in tow.


Since then, she and her son Nino and husband Micha have had lots of fun on the best trails. Back in 2017, she was already really pleased with the FLYER test bike in Steineggerhof.



We’ve met Jani several times over the last few years and got to know her on our press trip to the Eiger e-MTB Loop 2019. Here, too, she felt very much at home on the Flyer Uproc4 and was very impressed by the geometry, especially on technical terrain.


Always on the lookout for the best trails and landscapes, she has fallen in love with Switzerland, which is why she is often in Graubünden during her holidays.


We are therefore all the more delighted that we have been able to acquire Jani as a FLYER brand ambassador. The first test rides on our latest FLYER Uproc6 have already put a big smile on her face, especially on bumpy sections. Jani will be testing out our Uproc X this summer and will be getting a feel for our Gotour3 in urban areas with the aim of replacing one or two journeys by car.


by Anja Knaus
03 June 2022