Off-road performance and action – with the new FLYER e-mountain bikes

Climbing peaks and moving mountains – discover our new 2021 season e-MTBs.

More trails, more altitude, more flow – the new season FLYER e-MTBs provide the ultimate experience in the great outdoors and put the world at your feet.

FLYER Uproc6 – the progressive enduro king

Downhill-oriented and powerful, the new FLYER Uproc6 is the perfect fun machine. Whether it’s unbeatable pace on a challenging trail or breathtaking obstacles and jumps you’re after, the Uproc6 leaves nothing to be desired and impresses with technical refinements and a highly engineered full-carbon frame. The four-link suspension design featuring 160 mm of travel, generously dimensioned bearings and specifically adapted shocks combines sensitive response characteristics with optimum support and the reserves of a downhill bike in challenging terrain. The combination of a 29-inch front and 27.5-inch rear wheel with progressive frame geometry ensures a thrilling ride.

FLYER Uproc6 9.50, Black Brown/Gold Satin, modelyear 2021
FLYER Uproc6, Black Brown / Gold Satin

Our 2021 classics

Our agile mountaineer, the FLYER Uproc7, and our FLYER Uproc4 come in fresh colours and equipped with the Panasonic GX Ultimate motor for class-beating pedal assistance and constant power delivery. What’s more, the new optional 750 Wh FLYER SIB battery provides an extra-long range.

FLYER Uproc7 8.70, Mercury Red Gloss, modelyear 2021
FLYER Uproc7, Mercury Red / Red Brown Gloss

Next season’s FLYER Uproc3 finds it upping its capability in terms of epic tours and trails of all kinds. A battery capacity of up to 1125 Wh (with the DualBattery option) provides a massive range – with a chance to break new altitude records. Our endurance athlete is available in new colours.

Check out our proven comfort hardtail, the FLYER Uproc2, and the FLYER Uproc1 if what you’re seeking is extended riding pleasure on moderate terrain. Our new e-mountain bikes can be tested at your local FLYER dealership or at our headquarters in Huttwil.

by Yvonne Wyss
01 September 2020