Our values

Our values

The staff of FLYER AG are our most valuable capital. Our company's dynamic environment requires great willingness to work hard from our employees. The professional corporate culture, short decision-making paths, and good cooperation all contribute to an extremely positive working environment and make working for FLYER AG a unique experience.

Respect, honesty, and appreciation

We respect the limits, abilities, and opinions of others. We cooperate closely across professional groups and learn from each other. We are committed to ethical and social behaviour, and our cooperation is significantly shaped by mutual appreciation. We respect the personal dignity, privacy, and personal rights of each individual. We are open and honest, display great integrity, and take our responsibility seriously. We are reliable partners and only make promises that we can keep. These principles apply to internal cooperation and to behaviour towards external partners.


We promote a culture of trust and openness. Our managers have an equal seat at the table, and model what they expect of their employees. We communicate openly and honestly.


We assume responsibility for our employees and are open. We are aware of limited resources and utilise them optimally to achieve the goals we have set. We look after our employees and make a significant contribution to operational health management. We are committed to responsible actions so we do not endanger the health and safety of our employees. Our employees are responsible for behaving in accordance with safety requirements. Management support in this process is part of our organisational commitment.

Effective as part of a team

Nobody knows everything, which is why we rely on every single person. We work as part of a team, and – as team members – contribute to achieving goals.


We are flexible and have short decision-making paths. We are able to make correct decisions in good time based on our established basic principles. We expect to be more agile, quicker and better than our competitors. We achieve this through a flat organisation, lean structures, and flexibility.