FLYER rental

Experience riding fun with our FLYER rental fleet

Our FLYER rental fleet offers the right dream bike for every need: the e-mountain bike for off-road use, the all-rounder e-bike for dirt roads, the comfortable touring and travel e-bike or the fast city e-bike.


Covid-19 Update

Until further notice, the FLYER rental station is only open by appointment. Reservations for an e-bike rental will be accepted until 16.00 the day before at the latest. For advance reservations of FLYER e-bikes, please use the booking system below. The 3G rule applies to access to the rental station. We kindly ask you to adhere to the applicable hygiene and distance rules. Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy, your FLYER team.


Rental location

Rental pick-up and drop-off is always at our rental station in Huttwil. Are you planning to travel on the “Herzroute” (Heart Route)? If so, we recommend Rent a Bike who have rental stations throughout Switzerland.


Battery rental

If you are only interested in renting a battery, please give us a call: +41 62 959 55 55



If you have a voucher, we will be happy to accept it when you come to pick up your e-bike.



Have you noticed something that isn’t working as expected? Please report this to the FLYER Experience Team on: +41 62 959 55 55 and we will try to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible.


Further information & downloads

Rental prices (PDF)

General terms and conditions (PDF)