Our sponsorship policy

FLYER receives hundreds of requests for support each year, which show the creativity and desire of associations, private individuals, and companies to organise sports-related or cultural events, charitable projects, anniversary celebrations, etc.

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to provide a positive response to all requests for financial support or donated items. For this reason, we mainly support projects and events with extensive national and/or international reach that focus on the bicycle as a recreational appliance or mobility solution and that actively integrate the FLYER brand.

Sponsorship guidelines

Before submitting your request, please read all our sponsorship guidelines carefully. FLYER will only consider and respond to sponsorship requests submitted using the form. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

  • FLYER has decided to concentrate on a few commitments and places great importance on the content and values of any partner corresponding to those of FLYER.
  • By definition, sponsorship is a medium- to long-term commitment, which is why the sponsorship offer should be designed to last for several years.
  • A few selected partnerships for large-scale events such as World Championships and European Championships will be considered.
  • Sponsorship affects the brand, which is why the offer must be the right fit for the FLYER E-Bikes brand, and enjoy an outstanding and first-class local reputation.
  • FLYER has made a conscious decision not to support organisations with a religious background, political parties, or political activities and events.
  • FLYER does not sponsor individuals.
  • The sponsorship concept of FLYER E-Bikes excludes the distribution of free advertising items as prizes, for a tombola, etc.

If your project corresponds to our guidelines and you believe it deserves support from FLYER E-Bikes, please complete our contact form.

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