Starting the new year fitter and healthier as a year-round cyclist.

New Year’s resolutions. We set them every year, but hardly ever keep to them. Yet starting the new year fitter and healthier is actually quite easy – simply become a year-round cyclist. Why not leave the car in the garage and ride an e-bike to work? See for yourself.

Ill less often and in good spirits.

People who walk or cycle to work are, on average, ill for two fewer days each year than those who drive there. It also pays to opt for the bike or e-bike all year round, as those who are only “summer cyclists” are, on average, ill just as often as car drivers. However, year-round cyclists are not only ill less frequently on average, but they feel better in general. Not only will you travel in a healthier way, but you will also be in a good mood when you start your working day.


Have you tried the combination of e-bike and train?

The average commuting distance in Switzerland is around ten kilometres. For such distances, the e-bike is considered the fastest means of transport. The e-bike/train combination is recommended if your journey to work is a bit longer. You can cycle to the station in the morning and take the train to work in comfort. In the evening, on your way home, you can clear your head on the e-bike and get the evening off to a flying start.

Space-saving speedster for around town.

If you choose the e-bike/train combination and want to take your e-bike with you on the train, this is unfortunately not always easy. There is often little scope for transporting bikes on trains. Luckily we have the FLYER Upstreet2. It can be folded during your train journey and stowed away in a space-saving manner.


Lights on, let some pressure out, and you’re good to go.

Visibility is generally worse in winter. It is best to keep your front and rear lights switched on at all times and to wear high-contrast clothing plus additional reflectors, so that it is easy for other road users to see you.

Avoid abrupt swerves and braking, especially in winter on wet and slippery surfaces, and adjust your speed accordingly. What’s more, if you slightly reduce your tyre pressure, you will improve the grip of the tyres on the road. Have you been off your bike for a while, just bought your first FLYER e-bike or simply want to feel safer? Then attend one of the FLYER cycling safety training courses we run in Huttwil

by Yvonne Wyss
27 December 2021