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The ideal drive for every application

Part of the success of FLYER e-bikes can be attributed to its partner Bosch. Our product developers are always in touch with the specialists at Bosch, keeping their finger on the pulse of the latest technological innovations. This is an important prerequisite for making e-bikes even smarter than they are today.


On the daily routes through the city, on enjoyable tours in the countryside or for sporting adventures in the mountains: Bosch eBike Systems offers e-bikers the right drive system for every requirement and every area of application (motors or “drive units”, batteries, displays for bikes, and an app for smartphones).


Bosch eBike Systems has been supplying reliable e-bike drive systems for over ten years. Thanks to numerous innovations, Bosch is also helping to shape the future of e-bike mobility. The company’s products and digital services are installed on FLYER e-bikes, ranging from highly efficient drive systems and the first series-ready ABS for e-bikes to connected biking solutions.


The award-winning motor and state-of-the-art displays from Bosch are perfectly tailored to the needs of e-bikers. Perfectly integrated into FLYER e-bikes.

All FLYER e-bikes with the BOSCH eBike system

1. Bosch smart system

Designed for limitless riding pleasure: Our e-bikes with components from Bosch eBike Systems boast outstanding technical quality.


The Bosch smart system is the digital future for e-bikes. Consisting of the eBike Flow app, control unit, display, battery and drive unit, the smart system combines the new system generation of technically high-quality e-bike components with digital functions.


You will receive regular updates via the app to keep your e-bike up to date as well as use new functions. Whether you’re at work, enjoying the weekend or simply at home in comfort, you can customize your riding experience. Enjoy the next level of riding.

  • Fully connected on the road
    The smart system

2. Motors (drive units)

The motor (also referred to as the drive unit by Bosch) and battery are the heart of an e-bike.


Our FLYER e-bikes include the following BOSCH motors.

  • Active Line Plus: Extremely quiet drive with natural driving feel
  • Performance Line: Particularly quiet and universally applicable
  • Performance Line Speed: Get to your destination quickly with speeds of up to 45 km/h
  • Cargo Line: Powerful assistance under load
  • Performance Line CX: Compact, light and smart – for unique e-MTB experiences

3. Bosch eBike batteries

Our e-bikes are equipped with high-performance batteries. They contain cell types specially developed for use with e-bikes. They boast a perfect balance between capacity, performance, weight and lifetime. The special feature of lithium-ion batteries is their particularly high energy density. The high energy density ensures that the batteries can store more energy with a relatively low net weight.


Bosch batteries are an efficient and long-lasting source of energy – and are among the most modern e-bike batteries on the market. They combine enormous mileage, a long lifetime and low weight with ergonomic design and easy handling. The high-quality lithium-ion batteries are equipped with a battery management system that detects potential sources of error and protects the battery cells from overloading. 

Characteristics of Bosch e-bike batteries

  • Bosch batteries have a low weight in relation to their energy content
  • Sophisticated waterproofing concept to protect against the ingress of water
  • Minimal self-discharge, even when not used during the winter months
  • High-quality lithium-ion cells

FLYER e-bikes with this battery:

Bosch PowerTube 500 | 625 | 750 Wh


The Bosch PowerTube batteries are fully integrated into the frame to ensure a clean look. The batteries are easy to remove and can also be charged directly on the e-bike.


Bosch PowerTube batteries guarantee you the right amount of energy storage for demanding tours: For long journeys through challenging terrain, we recommend the Bosch PowerTube 750. For shorter tours on flat roads, we recommend a Bosch PowerTube 500. 750 and 500 each stand for the number of Wh the battery has.


Range – How far can I get with the Bosch battery?

Are you curious to see how far you can go with a particular battery? Use the Bosch calculation tool to see what affects the range of your battery. You will also learn how to increase the range of your e-bike.


How does the riding style affect the range of the battery?

Take a look at the following article: tips for more range

To a comparison of Bosch batteries

    The smart system

4. Displays

5. Control units

The Remote is the intelligent control unit of an e-bike. It connects the e-bike to the eBike Flow app and provides access to numerous e-bike functions. This makes it easy to retrieve all important riding data – while keeping your hands securely on the handlebars. Change the riding modes, use the pushing aid and operate the display or ride screen on your smartphone. Great importance is attached to comfort, flexibility and security.

  • Intuitive control
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use

The LED displays on the Remote can be easily seen even in sunlight. The brightness of the display adapts flexibly to the ambient light. This ensures that it remains easy to read even in changing lighting conditions and does not dazzle you in the dark. The different LED colors indicate the selected riding mode.


6. Bosch E-Bike ABS


Safety comes first

  • Greater safety
  • More riding fun
  • More flow

A new feature Bosch has introduced is the Bosch eBike ABS. ABS is already used in our latest touring model, the Gotour. The small, unobtrusive brake assistant fits nicely into the e-bike design and helps you brake more effectively and safely without the wheels locking. Just like it does on your car.


But how does Bosch eBike ABS actually work?

Wheel speed sensors monitor the speed of the wheels. If the wheel is at risk of locking during hard braking, the ABS regulates the brake pressure and prevents the wheel from slipping away. The coordinated and sensitively regulated braking behavior provides significantly more control and stability. Whether on asphalt or slippery gravel roads, the Bosch eBike ABS lets you brake more safely and confidently with both brakes at the same time.


 * The Bosch eBike ABS is only available on selected FLYER models with the new smart system and cannot be retrofitted

Feel the flow.
BOSCH, e-Bike Systems

7. eBike Flow App


With the eBike Flow app, you’ll be connected when out and about. The app allows you to control all of your e-bike’s functions. The connection is via a smartphone that connects to the LED Remote via Bluetooth. Once you have created a personal profile, you can use the functions of the app.

You can download the eBike Flow app here:


Go to the App Store   Go to Google Play

 Overview of functions:

  • The eBike Flow app accompanies you on your journey and shows you various data on the route you have ridden and records your activities.
  • The app shows you the status and usage data of the e-bike components, such as the residual capacity of the battery.
  • Possibility of using the smartphone as a display
  • Individual assistance level adjustment
  • Enhanced anti-theft functions eBike Lock and eBike Alarm with the Connect Module (for a fee)
    eBike Systems

8. About Bosch

Founded in 2009, Bosch eBike Systems has evolved from a start-up to a global player. As an independent division within the Bosch Group, Bosch eBike Systems also makes use of the technology and manufacturing expertise of the entire Group.


The aim of Bosch eBike Systems is to help shape the future of e-bike mobility with innovative products and digital services. Today, more than 100 bicycle manufacturers place their trust in the perfectly coordinated, modular product portfolio. In addition, Bosch attaches great importance to sustainability. The BOSCH Group has been completely climate-neutral since 2020. From development and production to administration, the BOSCH Group does not leave a carbon footprint at any of its 400 locations worldwide.

With our products, we want to contribute to a climate-friendly future in which people are mobile in a sustainable, flexible and fun way
Claus Fleischer, CEO Bosch eBike Systems