Everything you need to know about FIT (Panasonic)

FIT e-bike system integration

Because it’s all about enjoying the ride

Whether you're looking for a mountain e-bike or a city bike, FIT offers a wide range of batteries, motors, displays and digital functions. The perfectly coordinated system integration of FIT – FLYER Intelligent Technology – combines components and functions from the best manufacturers in one e-bike, including for our FLYER e-bikes. The aim is to make it as easy and safe as possible for the user, thus guaranteeing maximum riding enjoyment. 

All FLYER e-bikes with FIT e-bike system integration

1. FIT e-bike system integration

Individually combined 

Our FLYER e-bikes are equipped with FIT technology, among other things. Thanks to the open bus system and the plug-and-play function, numerous combinations and extensions of individual components (motors, batteries and displays) are possible. So nothing stands in the way of a unique riding experience. 


Smart connections 

Digital solutions such as the FIT E-Bike Control app and the Drive Screen increase riding comfort and provide additional safety. This makes it possible to adjust the e-bike even better to the rider. 


Intelligent configurations

All of the FLYER e-bike’s electronic components can be locked using the FIT Digital Key, while the Long Life Mode extends the lifetime of the battery – and the Boost Function provides an extra boost of energy when things need to be done quickly.

  • For the highest demands
    Panasonic GX Ultimate FIT Pro

2. Motors

The motor is at the heart of every e-drive unit – and it’s what turns a classic bicycle into an e-bike in the first place.


We install the following Panasonic motors in our FLYER e-bikes: 

  • Panasonic GX Power Plus: Particularly quiet yet powerful drive with a wide range of applications.
  • Panasonic GX Ultimate: The high-end drive from Panasonic. Very light, pleasantly quiet and with record levels of assistance.
  • Panasonic GX Ultimate Pro FIT: The tried-and-tested GX Ultimate, now with FIT 2.0 motor control and even more power (+ 5 Nm). “With the powerful Panasonic GX Ultimate Pro FIT, no incline is too steep. 95 Nm of pure power!”


Thanks to individually configurable assistance levels, the motor (in %) always increases your own performance just as much as you want: 

  • ECO (70%)
  • Standard (150%)
  • HIGH (300%)
  • AUTO (70-300 %): Intelligent automatic assistance level detects at all times how much motor power is required. 


Motors with FIT Inside produce a natural riding experience. FIT Inside highlights the harmonious coordination between the motor, the system software and the sensors. High-quality components are thus combined into a harmonious complete system. In other words, this makes every ride on the FLYER e-bike incomparable. 

3. FIT e-bike batteries

With their high-capacity batteries, FLYER e-bikes with FIT are champions of both range and altitude. All FLYER e-bikes are fitted with high-performance batteries that contain cell types that have been specially developed for use in e-bikes. They boast a perfect balance between capacity, performance, weight and lifespan. The special feature of lithium-ion batteries is their particularly high energy density. This means that they can store more energy and are relatively low in weight.


FIT batteries are equipped with the latest generation of lithium-ion cells, and the intelligent battery management system protects the battery against overloading and errors.

Best battery handling

All batteries installed in FLYER e-bikes have excellent battery handling. They are easy to remove and can be charged either directly via the e-bike’s charging port or away from the bike. 


The Long Life Mode significantly extends the battery’s lifespan using gentle charging. This additional function can be easily adjusted via the Display or in the menu of the FIT E-Bike Control app. This means that the battery charges at a lower charging current and maintains a 20-80% state of charge.

Still not enough range? Then we recommend adding the FIT range extender (not suitable for every model) or following our tips to increase your range.

4. FIT displays – everything in view

Optimum legibility


The scratch-resistant color displays feature a large font and are therefore easy to read – even in direct sunlight or with polarized sunglasses and when riding at night.


Display readouts:

  • Riding modes and speed displays (max., average)
  • Charging status and range
  • Route information (incline, total elevation gain, kilometers, ride time)
  • Fitness/performance indicators (watt, pedal cadence, heart rate, calories burned)
  • Warnings (black ice or service)

Combined with the FIT E-Bike Control app, this makes it easy and convenient to plan your next tour simply and record it if necessary. In conjunction with the Komoot app, recorded tours are available in the FIT E-Bike Control app, enabling navigation via the e-bike’s display.



The following displays have the FIT 2.0 functions*:

*Important: The previous year’s FIT D0 and FIT D1 models are equipped with the FIT 1.0 system function and do not yet have all the display options listed above for the FIT 2.0 system function. E-bikes with FIT 1.0 system integration displays cannot be retrofitted to FIT 2.0 or replaced with new displays. 


5. Controls

The ergonomic and elegant FIT Remote Basic control element makes it easy to access and control all riding and performance information at any time. 


The buttons are backlit and have vibration feedback that intensifies with increasing speed. This makes it safe and intuitive to use, even when wearing gloves or in the dark, without having to take your hand off the handlebar. 

  • Short-term boost function for maximum performance: Ideal on steep sections or when starting off on busy roads, the extra thrust with short-term maximum assistance guarantees maximum riding enjoyment! 
  • Practical pushing aid: If you push your e-bike on particularly steep sections, you can rely on the practical pushing aid. 
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all FIT 2.0 displays and the FIT Drive Screen app function

6. FIT e-bike control app

Multiple connections

The combination of e-bike and app offers a multitude of new functions. The FIT Key Card supplied in combination with the FIT E-Bike Control app provides digital access to your FLYER e-bike. This not only increases safety, but also comfort and riding enjoyment.


Configure your e-bike to suit your needs, use your smartphone as a key, ride using the navigation system or connect to Komoot (available soon). Activate, saddle up and away you go!


Download the app now:

Go to the App Store Go to Google Play


Overview of functions: 

  • E-bike garage: Overview of all information about the e-bike and its installed components
  • Geo Range: Range forecast for the various assistance levels
  • Route planning: practical map navigation, also including Komoot
  • Functions that can be activated: FIT Digital Key for the electronic locking of components or
  • FIT Drive Screen for using the smartphone as a display

7. FIT accessories

Personalizing your FLYER e-bike only really starts after you have purchased it. With matching accessories, and digital and functional extras. The staff at your specialist dealer will be happy to help. 


About Biketec GmbH

FIT was developed by FLYER AG, the Swiss e-bike pioneer, and was first launched onto the market with the FLYER U Series in 2015. The aim was to synchronize the software and hardware of an e-bike in the best possible way and to integrate new functions. To combine our expertise in FIT technology and provide access for other e-bike manufacturers, we set up Biketec GmbH on July 1, 2020, based in Huttwil, Switzerland.