The Panasonic GX Ultimate motor: a compact power pack.

The new FLYER Uproc models are the first e-mountain bikes in the world to be fitted with the brand-new Panasonic GX Ultimate motor. We’ll show you what makes this drive unit unique and gets you flying along the trails.

The new motor is being used for three FLYER e-mountainbikes: the Uproc7 with full suspension (enduro with 160 mm suspension travel), the Uproc4 (all-mountain with 140 mm suspension travel) and the Uproc2 with front suspension only (hardtail with 120 mm suspension fork). The powerful and quiet Panasonic GX Ultimate raises the new Uproc models to a new level of performance.


Light & compact

With a weight of only 2.9 kg, the GX Ultimate is the lightest in its class. Thanks to its compact design, the drive unit fits inconspicuously and seamlessly into the frame. The slimline design allows for a narrow stance (Q factor – distance between the pedals) and ensures pleasant and biomechanically optimised pedalling. Keeping the distance between the pedals narrow is important not only for more efficiency when pedalling, but also for preventing knee problems. A low Q factor also reduces the risk of the pedals hitting things when riding on narrow single trails.


Elastic power

With a torque of up to 90 Nm and a maximum power output of 600 watts, the GX Ultimate delivers record levels of assistance and transforms the steepest ramps into seamless inclines. The maximum torque is available even at a low pedalling frequency. Whether you prefer to pedal slowly in a higher gear or to let your legs whirl around in a low gear, the elastic GX  Ultimate adapts to your individual riding style.


Smart FLYER control

The new motor is controlled by FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT), which was developed by FLYER itself. Four assistance levels (including auto mode) can easily be selected using the ergonomic remote. Sophisticated sensor technology ensures a harmonious deployment of assistance at all levels, which is a clear definite advantage on technically challenging inclines. When pushing the bike, an efficient electronic pushing aid is available. What’s more, only FIT gives you the option of fine-tuning the assistance levels. This means that, when you're out riding on a tour or in a group, it’s possible to level out differences in performance and you can decide whether you want to prioritise a high assistance level or a long range.

by Thomas Knecht
03 September 2019