This is how you can fine-tune assistance levels with the FLYER D1 display.

The eco, standard, auto and high modes are the four standard assistance levels on your e-bike. If you have a FLYER e-bike with the D1 display, you can also fine-tune the assistance levels. Please proceed as follows:

  • Use the joystick to select the settings menu on your D1 display by navigating to the far right.
  • Select “My FLYER” in the settings menu and then select the “Assistance” sub-menu.
  • Now use the joystick to navigate left or right to change the assistance level.

To set the maximum possible assistance, navigate all the way to the right. This means that you will benefit from maximum support from your e-bike motor when pedalling, but the greater performance will use more battery power and result in a reduced range. For minimum assistance and an increased range, simply navigate all the way to the left. The degree of interaction and interdependence of range and assistance is shown directly on the display while you are adjusting your settings.


If you fine-tune the assistance level, the assistance will also adapt to this fine-tuning in the “eco”, “standard” and “auto” modes. If, on the other hand, you use the “high” assistance level, the motor will always provide full assistance irrespective of your settings.


If you are riding with somebody else, you can fine-tune your assistance levels to optimally match your partner’s speed. If you have planned a particularly long tour, it is also worth fine-tuning and minimising the assistance to achieve an increased range that will allow you to cycle further.


You will find further information about the assistance level settings in your instruction manual.

by Yvonne Wyss
06 November 2019