Uproc EVO:X


With ease up the mountain, at high speed down the mountain: The Uproc EVO:X is the perfect e-enduro mountain bike. It uncompromisingly combines power and riding pleasure. Its frameset is consistently designed for enduro use.

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    Uncompromising downhill and uphill fun

With the Uproc EVO:X you can reach any peak – even more than once. This is ensured by the 85 Newton meters of assistance provided by the Bosch motor and the 750 watt-hours of the fully integrated battery. This is securely screwed into the down tube and can be removed for charging. Downhill, the 29-inch front wheel is particularly stable and the 27.5-inch rear wheel is particularly agile – and fantastically cushioned thanks to the perfect kinematics of the four-link rear suspension. For endless night rides, you can quickly attach headlights to the MonkeyLink interface. Track your mountain bike adventures on your smartphone with the GPS ConnectModule from Bosch, making your e-enduro adventures twice as memorable.


“High” with joy?

We developed the kinematics of the full suspension frameset with 165 mm travel especially for this e-enduro. Designed for uncompromising riding performance even on Alpine terrain. With a perfect smooth ride. For pure riding pleasure.

“A little help” – would you like some assistance?

The motor of the Uproc EVO:X will take you as high as you want to go. With lots of power and natural handling. Because there is no point in wasting your own strength on the ascent. It’s much better to use your strength for the first descent… and the second, and third.

Spending even more time in the “Highlands”

Never stopp riding. Nothing stands in the way of endless fun and the highest peaks with the Bosch PowerTube 750 battery (750Wh / 20.1 Ah / 36 V). And that means you can take an additional turn any time.



The Bosch PowerTube 625 (625 Wh / 16.7 Ah / 36 V) is installed on the Uproc EVO:X 4.10. However, it is possible to upgrade to a Bosch PowerTube 750.

Functions and features

  • Up to 750 Wh
    battery capacity
  • 170 / 165 mm
  • 85 Nm
  • 29" / 27.5"
    Mixed Wheel

What sets the Uproc EVO:X apart from other bicycles?

  • The battery is integrated into the frame and can be removed from the bottom. Since there is no need to make a side cut into the frame, the rigidity of the frame has been improved and the weight reduced.
  • The battery is positioned deep inside the frame. This lowers the center of gravity and increases riding enjoyment.
  • Particularly large bearings at the rear end guarantee a long lifetime.
  • Tires with soft rubber compound and downhill carcass provide grip and puncture protection.
  • The display in the upper tube and the mini remote ensure a clean look.

“Our goal was perfect handling. Thanks to its progressive rear triangle and low center of gravity, the Uproc EVO:X gives you a fantastic ride.”

Silas Furrer, Product Development FLYER AG

  • The evolution of the award-winning Uproc6 is
    a true (r)evolution

Who is the Uproc EVO:X suitable for?

The Uproc EVO:X is the perfect bike for all enduro enthusiasts who want to ride even more meters of altitude and depth, are looking for an agile e-bike and do not want to compromise on riding fun. The mixed-wheel concept ensures agility, while the modern geometry ensures a smooth ride and excellent climbing properties.


The Uproc EVO:X feels at home in many places, including on your favorite trail. Arrange an e-bike test ride at a FLYER specialist dealer near you and see for yourself.

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Uproc EVO:X

Enduro (R)evolution

Uproc EVO:X

Enduro (R)evolution

Two frame colors, four equipment options in frame sizes S-XL – which Uproc EVO:X will you be using in the future? Choose between Curcuma Gloss and Black Metallic Gloss and the different equipment options.