Upstreet SL

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Urban lightweight

Everything e-asy! The Upstreet SL is absolutely lightweight and therefore exactly the kind of flexible e-bike you are looking for in your everyday life. You’ll get anywhere in your city in no time at all – while always leaving a stylish impression. Although its low weight makes it hard to believe, the Upstreet SL is fully equipped with lights, rack and fenders.

New Upstreet SL wins Eurobike Award 2023.

The Upstreet SL is a lightweight at 18 kilograms and is thus exactly the kind of flexible e-bike that leaves nothing to be desired in everyday life. The design, lightness and flexibility of the Upstreet SL impressed the Eurobike Award jury – the lightest FLYER e-bike to date has received the Eurobike Award 2023 in the e-bike category.

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  • Made for your everyday hurdles
    Hello flexibility

Lightness and flexibility are the hallmarks of the Upstreet SL. With powerful lights and a rack, you will be safe and well-equipped on the road day and night. The smart drive system from Bosch with a 400 watt-hour battery is weight-optimized and offers more than enough power and range for your everyday life. If you take longer journeys, the optionally available additional battery in drinking bottle format will provide assistance. The battery can be charged on the bike. The battery can be removed from the side for easy external charging. Can the lightest FLYER e-bike to date also make your everyday life e-asy?

Absolutely e-asy!

Leave not only cars, but also your everyday hurdles behind you. Simply carry the lightweight e-bike up the stairs, effortlessly pedal up a mountain and arrive at the office feeling relaxed. The compact “Bosch” motor is your reliable power supplier.

Neat and Clean 

Thanks to the well-thought-out cable routing in the handlebar stem, the Upstreet SL cuts a fine figure with a particularly neat look. What’s more, the latest generation of Bosch control units ensures greater clarity and control in the cockpit thanks to their minimalist design and wireless transmission.

Not a “one-night stand”

This city speedster is a reliable companion. Thanks to the “PowerMore” additional battery option, the Upstreet SL also supports you on long journeys and remains by your side thanks to its particularly high-quality components.

Stay Safe

Protected and clever in urban traffic: Thanks to the smart anti-theft functions, navigation and updates via the app, you’ll always have everything under control.

Time to shift

The Upstreet SL 3.63 features the innovative Classified Powershift technology. The gear hub offers two speeds – one for starting and one for fast travel. As simple as it is easy. It takes less than 150 milliseconds to change gear – even under full load. In combination with the “Gates Carbon Drive” belt, the Upstreet SL is completely reliable and maintenance-free.

  • The lightest of all
    FLYER e-bikes

Functions and properties

  • Bosch Performance Line SX
    Bosch Smart System
  • 55 Nm
  • 400 Wh + 250 Wh
    battery capacity
  • 28"
    Wheel size

Who is the Upstreet SL suitable for?

The Upstreet SL is the perfect bike for riding in and out of the city. Commuters, night owls and students will love the new flexibility and lightness offered by this stylish e-bike. Hardly visible or audible, the compact motor provides a lot of power. And best of all, the Upstreet SL is so light that you can carry it up into your apartment or office. After all, you don’t want such a great e-bike to be stolen. 

Upstreet SL

Urban Lightweight

Upstreet SL

Urban Lightweight

Two frame shapes and three equipment options – which Upstreet SL do you want to take you places in the future? Choose between Anthracite Gloss and Frosty Sage Gloss and the various equipment options. All variants have one thing in common: With a total weight of around 18 kg, they weigh over 10 kg less than conventional e-bikes.


Upstreet SL available from 2024