An all-round feeling of security you can rely on

An extensive network of authorized FLYER specialist dealers ensures that you receive competent support, both during routine inspections and in the event of an emergency. We aspire to the highest quality. We vouch for this promise of quality with an extended warranty service that exceed the standard statutory warranty.


Treat your favorite e-bike to the protection it deserves and prolong the fun on your e-bike!

FLYER Plus warranty (free)

Register your FLYER e-bike 1 within 12 weeks of purchase 2 free of charge and with  just a few clicks on our warranty portal and extend the warranty as follows:

  • Five years for frame failure
  • Two years for components and electronics
  • Two years for battery 3

Register now free of charge

1  For the FLYER Plus Warranty, final assembly must be completed by a FLYER specialist dealer or, if purchased online, assembly prior to the customer's final adjustments must be completed by a qualified FLYER partner.


 Valid from the date of the purchase receipt for all new FLYER e-bikes from model year 2021. You must register your e-bike online with us within 12 weeks of purchase.


3  Residual capacity of at least 60% after 2 years or 500 full charging cycles, whichever is reached first; provided that the battery has been operated and charged in accordance with the instruction manual.

We hope you have a great time on your FLYER e-bike. If you have any questions about our warranty services, please contact our authorized FLYER specialist dealers.


Huttwil, 01/2023