What shouldn’t be missing from your toolkit.

Do you like to plan long day trips, a biking weekend or even a holiday on your e-bike? It’s worth having a small toolkit with you on longer tours in particular so you can repair small defects on the go in no time.


What you should pack in your rucksack or pannier.

  • A multi-tool (or multi-functional tool) with several Allen keys and Torx keys as well as a screwdriver, chain tool and spoke spanner. This means you can quickly tighten a loose screw and you're also prepared for a broken chain.
  • A spanner, a 15 mm size will generally suffice for most standard bikes.
  • A tyre lever for removing a tyre, for example if you need to repair the tube.
  • A puncture repair kit with conventional repair materials or self-adhesive patches.
  • If you’re away on your bike for a number of days, it’s a good idea to have a replacement tube.
  • A mini pump that you can use to pump up your tyres in no time.

To find a suitable toolkit for you when you’re on the move, it’s best to let your FLYER dealer advise you. You can choose if you want to put together your own kit or just buy a complete toolkit.


Be aware also that you need to carry out regular maintenance on your FLYER e-bike so you can continue going on lots of trips on your favourite e-bike. Read our tips about this or attend an e-bike care course with us in Huttwil.


by Yvonne Wyss
28 October 2019