What you need to know about sun protection when e-biking.

Whether on stony trails, at high altitude in the mountains, on bumpy forest paths or on a long Sunday excursion, the sun is our constant companion and provides essential vitamin D. However, plenty of sunshine also means covering your head, applying sun cream, and wearing airy UV protective clothing. We will tell you how to stay protected until you reach your destination.


Clothing with UV protection

At first glance, a bike shirt or an airy leisure T-shirt seems ideal for protecting your upper body against the sun. However, if you perspire a lot, it is best to choose loose cycling clothing made from breathable fabric that allows air to reach your skin and helps moisture evaporate more quickly. Whatever shirt you choose, make sure you select light colours.


Sun cream & co.

It is wrong to assume that clothing with UV protection is a replacement for sun cream. Just like other sun protection products, clothing only protects our skin from the sun for a certain amount of time. It is good to support your skin with sun cream, too. Select a suitably high sun protection factor and, if possible, use a sports product, which will ensure the sun cream doesn't dissolve as soon as it gets hot. Pay particular attention to exposed areas such as your nose, ears, lips, décolleté, neck, hands, feet, and thighs.


Close your eyes and press on?

The right sunglasses will ensure clear vision even in bright sunshine. The retina and cornea are extremely sensitive to sunlight and should be protected with sunglasses that bear the CE mark and the indication 100% UV protection or UV 400.


Drink, drink, drink.

If you have a headache or are feeling nauseous or dizzy, stop at once and drink plenty of water. Beginners in particular often forget to drink as the cool wind in your face dries off perspiration pretty quickly. It is best to take a bottle with you that you can refill en route.


by Yvonne Wyss
11 November 2019