Where do I find my frame number?

Do you have an individual question about your FLYER e-bike, would you like to order replacement parts, or would you like to book a service? If so, the first question your FLYER dealer will ask is: “Do you have a frame number for me?”

The frame number is the individual identification number of your FLYER e-bike. Each frame number is issued just once and provides information about the production, delivery date, service history, and more. If you have your frame number to hand, your dealer can immediately access the most up-to-date information about your FLYER e-bike.


So, the next question is: “Where do I find my frame number?” The usual position is on the seat tube. Your FLYER dealer may already have entered the frame number into the service log when you bought the bike.

Make a note of your frame number in your service log, on a notepad, or in your smartphone to ensure that you are ready for any visit to your FLYER dealer.

FLYER e-bike frame number on FLYER Upstreet5

If you aren’t sure where your closest dealer is, you can use our simple dealer search tool to find all your local dealers.

by Yvonne Wyss
01 November 2019