Which e-mountainbike is right for me?

Are you looking for an e-mountainbike? A hardtail or a fully? Or a fully equipped e-mountainbike? Find out what you need to be aware of.

Spring is approaching and the next mountainbike season is on its way. If you are thinking of buying a new e-mountainbike and would like to know which model will best meet your needs, we are happy to assist you.


A hardtail or a fully?

The choice between a hardtail and a fully is a matter of belief for some people, a matter of budget for others, and no issue at all for certain people. Where you plan to use the bike will determine which type of e-mountainbike is best for you.


If you mainly ride on flowing trails, challenging single trails with uneven surfaces and obstacles, and if you enjoy riding downhill as much as uphill, then a fully is better for you. The word “fully” comes from the bike's full suspension. This means that in addition to front-axle suspension, the fully also has a rear shock absorber, which results in increased stability and comfort on any terrain. This means that challenging descents are a little easier to master with a fully. Have a browse through our various FLYER fully offers: the Uproc3 and the Uproc4 – both all-mountain bikes with 140 mm suspension travel – are ideally suited for use on flowing trails, while the Uproc7 – enduro with 160 mm suspension travel – is outstanding on challenging single trails.


If you mainly enjoy easier day tours and tend to ride on country and forest tracks, a hardtail is best for you. A hardtail has front-axle suspension, but no rear shock absorber. This means that fewer mobile components are integrated into hardtails, which is why a hardtail tends to be lighter and slightly easier to maintain than a fully. In addition, with the same equipment, hardtails usually cost a little less than fullies, which makes them ideal for e-mountain beginners who don't want to choose the most expensive version for their first e-bike. Discover our FLYER hardtail models, the Uproc1 and Uproc2.


Fully equipped e-mountainbikes.

If you spend time riding in traffic and like to go on longer bikepacking rides at weekends when you take luggage with you, a fully equipped e-mountainbike is perfect for you. In addition to lights and a stand, our Goroc series also have a luggage rack. Fully equipped FLYER e-mountainbikes are available as the hardtail Goroc1 and Goroc2 versions and the Goroc3 and Goroc4 fullies.


Contact your FLYER dealer and obtain advice on the right model for you. If you are new to e-mountainbikes and would like to learn the correct riding technique, you should attend one of our e-mountainbike riding skills courses here in Huttwil.


by Yvonne Wyss
18 January 2020