Why a FLYER e-bike?

Have you been thinking about buying an e-bike for some time now? Let us give you seven reasons for choosing a FLYER e-bike.

1. See more.

With an e-bike, you tend to be out and about three times more frequently than and to ride three times as far as with a normal bicycle. Have you been avoiding your local mountain because of its steep incline? Get onto your FLYER e-bike and allow the panorama that awaits you to take your breath away. Experience and see more!


2. Train according to your own rules.

Make targeted training easy by setting the assistance levels according to what you want to achieve. You can choose how to dose your effort and remain on the move at all times.


3. Relax from time to time.

Are you tired from yesterday's training or after a hard day's work? This is the ideal time to do some exercise. Select the assistance level that is just right for you and transform steep inclines into relaxing rides up mountains.


4. Do something beneficial.

Leave your car at home more often, get some exercise, do something for your health, experience nature, and protect the environment at the same time: an e-bike makes it possible!


5. Smart commuting.

People in Switzerland cover an average distance of ten kilometres on their daily journey to work. An e-bike is the fastest means of transport for this distance range. High time to switch!


6. Be flexible.

You want to pop into town to pick up a few bits or meet friends in your favourite restaurant in the evening. How many times have you arrived late because you couldn't find anywhere to park? Get onto your FLYER e-bike and forget all these worries.


7. Finally a couple again.

It is easy to compensate for differences in performance with an e-bike. Simply select the assistance levels that are right for you and then fine-tune them.

Find your FLYER e-bike today!

by Yvonne Wyss
09 December 2019