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Our FLYER news

Here you find the latest news regarding FLYER and e-bikes. Click on the single articles to read more. Have fun!


Ride safely and conveniently with a rearview mirror.

For a long time, the rearview mirror was not considered to be modern or particularly sporty. However, there are good reasons for using one. Find out why.

FLYER E-Bike Upstreet4 with rearview mirror


7 tips for staying safe on the road with your FLYER e-bike.

As safety is of particular importance when using an e-bike in traffic, we would like to give you 7 tips for riding your e-bike safely based on the recommendations of the Swiss Office for Accident Prevention (bfu).


See and be seen on your e-bike.

When the days get shorter and the nights longer in winter, it is particularly important to make sure you are visible in the dark. We have tips for you on how best to be seen in the dark and how to ride your e-bike safely.


How to commute with your FLYER e-bike.

Have you ever thought about commuting to work on your FLYER e-bike? It would make for not only a fast but also a healthy journey.

Commuting by FLYER e-bike.


How to change the time on your FLYER e-bike.

The clocks go back on the last weekend of October. We will guide you through how that works on your FLYER e-bike.

FLYER with FIT and display D1


How should I dispose of my old battery?

A battery generally lasts for around five years, depending on how much wear and tear it gets. After that, it’s time to get rid of it – but how? And what happens to it then?


I have a question about my FLYER e-bike, what should I do?

Want to know something about your e-bike or have a problem and don’t know who to speak to? We’d be happy to help.


FLYER food guide: Why cyclists need carbohydrates.

Low-carb diet? Turning down that plate of spaghetti before your bike ride? We’ll show you why that’s not a good idea for e-bikers.


How to prevent your battery from going into deep sleep mode.

The days are getting shorter, the mornings colder and a cool breeze is blowing: autumn is well and truly here, pushing out those long, summer days. Time to hibernate – but not for your battery!


Does e-biking promote health?

Exercise is healthy, and cycling is healthy, but what about e-biking? Does it promote health to same degree as normal cycling or is that just wishful thinking?

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