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Our FLYER news

Here you find the latest news regarding FLYER and e-bikes. Click on the single articles to read more. Have fun!

How to change the time on your FLYER e-bike.

The clocks change on the last weekend of October and March. We will guide you through how that works on your FLYER e-bike.

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Inside FLYER: very special experiences.

This month, experience planner Farah will provide you with an insight into her world at FLYER, and tell you about her hectic everyday life during the...

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This is how you can fine-tune assistance levels with the FLYER D1 display.

Increased assistance or an increased range? What would you prefer? If your FLYER e-bike has a D1 display, in addition to the eco, standard, auto and...

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How to get your partner interested in cycling.

If you love riding your bike and would like to take your partner along on every tour with you, you need to get your soul mate interested in cycling.

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7 tips for an e-bike tour for two.

An e-bike tour is fantastic, but it is twice as much fun if there are two of you. Read our tips on an easygoing and relaxing outing à deux.

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Inside FLYER: FIT for the future.

Come with us on an exciting journey. In our Inside FLYER posts, various FLYER employees will provide you with an insight into the world of FLYER. This...

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Fit for the winter: the ideal accessories for any kind of weather.

Winter has arrived and temperatures are dropping. Cold temperatures should not, however, stop anyone from cycling. With the correct equipment, you can...

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Say goodbye to the winter blues! Stay cheerful during the cold time of year.

When the weather gets colder, the sun shines less, and the summer holidays are still a long way away, it can be difficult to get motivated to go on an...

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9 tips for a longer range, meaning your e-bike’s battery will last longer in winter.

Cold temperatures are not just a challenge for you, but also for your e-bike’s battery. With our nine tips, you can increase the range despite the low...

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FLYER e-bike tips for the winter.

Rain and snow, slush, wet streets and darkness - cyclists need to show real endurance in autumn and winter. However, with the right tips, you can also...

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7 tips for staying safe on the road with your FLYER e-bike.

As safety is of particular importance when using an e-bike in traffic, we would like to give you 7 tips for riding your e-bike safely based on the...

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See and be seen on your e-bike.

When the days get shorter and the nights longer in winter, it is particularly important to make sure you are visible in the dark. We have tips for you...

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