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Our FLYER news

Here you find the latest news regarding FLYER and e-bikes. Click on the single articles to read more. Have fun!


The right preparation for a tour

Freedom. The urge to discover new areas, to see and discover new things. Everyone is aware of the wonderful feeling of letting nature work its magic on a long e-bike tour and of doing something for one's health. However,...


What you need to know about riding a FLYER e-bike across Europe.

In the summer, not many things are better than going out on long tours on a FLYER e-bike. Some of us even like to take our e-bikes on holiday with us. However, what do you need to be aware of in different countries? Where do you...


Where do I find my frame number?

Do you have an individual question about your FLYER e-bike, would you like to order replacement parts, or would you like to book a service? If so, the first question your FLYER dealer will ask is: “Do you have a frame number for...


FLYER food guide: how to replenish your energy at the end of your tour.

If you have just completed a long tour, it is time to recharge your batteries. We will tell you which types of food are best for replenishing your energy.


Freedom, lightness & safety: this is our FLYER Upstreet5.

Whether on the road, on a quick commute, or when veering off to ride on a country track, our FLYER Upstreet5 turns e-mobility into an experience. Let us tell you why is it your perfect everyday companion.


E-biking in summer: how to keep your cool.

E-biking is the most fun in summer. We take advantage of the good weather and warm temperatures to cycle to work or to the outdoor pool, and to go on long tours at weekends. We have compiled tips for you to make sure that the...


To Finland on a FLYER e-bike: a special honeymoon.

From Meersburg by Lake Constance to the far north with the FLYER T Series. Klaus Johner ventured on a very special honeymoon when he rode his FLYER e-bike to Finland and back, covering a total of 3760 km. His wife Johanna flew to...


That was “bike to work 2018”

This year, our FLYER employees once again rose to the “bike to work” challenge. For two months (May and June), the five teams cycled to work on their FLYER e-bikes most of the time and covered an incredible distance of 9882 km.


FLYER food guide: how to maintain your energy on a long tour.

Have you planned a long tour for the weekend? To ensure an energetic start to your day, we will tell you what to eat for breakfast on the day of your tour and also which energy snacks will work best for en route.


Preview: new FLYER e-bike products for 2019

A new version of the FLYER Uproc e-mountainbikes with a Panasonic drive, innovative models with ABS for enhanced safety, bikes with a long range for commuters and bike travellers, and a practical compact bike in a refreshing...

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