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Our FLYER news

Here you find the latest news regarding FLYER and e-bikes. Click on the single articles to read more. Have fun!


Which FLYER e-bike is right for me?

Have you already been thinking about buying a new FLYER e-bike for the next bike season? What would you like? Would you prefer a stylish urban e-bike for around town, a comfortable touring e-bike, or a powerful e-mountainbike?


Farewell to the winter blues! Stay cheerful during the cold time of year.

When the weather gets colder, the sun shines less, and the summer holidays are still a long way away, it can be difficult to get motivated to go on an e-bike ride. A lack of vitamin D can put a strain on your body, making you...


Do you know the following facts about your FLYER e-bike?

These days, everyone knows that e-bikes have a motor, a battery, and provide assistance when riding. Let us tell you exactly what a FLYER e-bike does compared to a conventional bicycle.


How to ensure that your FLYER e-bike battery lasts longer in winter

Decreasing temperatures in winter have a significant impact on electric cars and e-bikes. We will tell you how to optimise your e-bike's range during the cold months of the year.


FLYER food guide: energy for en route

If you are out on a long ride, you will need appropriate food. You set off on your tour, ride past green forests, glimmering lakes, and vast meadows, and after two or three hours, you realise that you are hungry, but that you are...


Bicycle tours with children - how to make your first outing a success

There are a few things to be aware of when cycling with your offspring to ensure that the outing is a positive experience for parents and children alike.


Why choose an e-bike?

Have you been thinking about buying a FLYER e-bike for some time now? Allow us to tell you about the best reasons for buying an e-bike.