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Our FLYER news

Here you find the latest news regarding FLYER and e-bikes. Click on the single articles to read more. Have fun!


Experience the Silk Route - on a FLYER e-bike

Journalist Andrea Freiermuth has been preparing for an adventure with our FLYER Upstreet5 on the Silk Route all the way to China. She has already successfully completed numerous trips on two wheels and is now going to face a...


Absolute essentials for your toolkit

Anyone regularly out and about on their e-bike or planning some longer rides and day trips needs at least a basic set of tools, for example one of our FLYER tool kits.


Tips for the ultimate e-bike travel adventure

Travelling by e-bike is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and discover routes in a whole new way. With the right planning and preparation, an incredible adventure awaits you. We reveal how you can make your...


From Switzerland to Sweden with the FLYER e-bike

From Switzerland to Sweden with our FLYER tandem: René Burkhard and his wife Marlen have been looking forward to this magnificent adventure for weeks. The couple have already conquered a trip or two in their time – now, in early...


FLYER food guide: popular snacks for cyclists

On long tours, in particular, it is a good idea to take healthy and delicious snacks with you. They provide the energy you need for your upcoming adventures and replenish your glycogen stores. It is even better if you prepare the...


This is how you can use your FLYER e-bike as a training device.

You need to exercise to increase your fitness levels and well-being. However, opinions vary on training with an e-bike. We would like to break down the myth of "Are e-bikes actually good for exercise?” and show you the best way...


Would you like a really special FLYER e-bike experience?

Have you heard of our FLYER experience? This is where you can take an exclusive look behind the scenes of our development and production in Huttwil. However, that is not all. You can also experience FLYER passion on a ride...