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Farewell to the winter blues! Stay cheerful during the cold time of year.

When the weather gets colder, the sun shines less, and the summer holidays are still a long way away, it can be difficult to get motivated to go on an e-bike ride. A lack of vitamin D can put a strain on your body, making you feel tired and listless. We have compiled a few tips to help you feel motivated and remain cheerful in winter.

1. Set yourself a long-term goal that will keep you motivated to be active in winter.

Would you like to take part in a race in the summer? Or would you like to master steep mountain passes on your next holiday? Maybe you would simply like to improve your fitness levels in the new year? So, all you need to do is get onto your FLYER e-bike and ride off. Think about how easy the upcoming challenge will be if you train regularly now.

2. Escape the winter?

Many e-mountain bikers do what migratory birds do and move to warmer climates in winter. Escape the cold winter and enjoy fantastic cycling holidays on the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, such as La Palma, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Madeira. Even countries closer to home, such as Italy, Spain and Portugal, offer great cycling conditions in winter. Rent a FLYER e-bike and nothing will stand in the way of your down time.

3. Go to work on two wheels rather than four wheels.

Even if it is cold, going to work by e-bike will make you happier in the long term and allow you to start your day feeling satisfied. Does winter make you feel particularly uncreative? A further article explains how e-biking has a positive effect on our ideas and creativity.

4. Eat yourself happy.

We all know that chocolate makes us feel good. However, there are also healthier mood-boosters: grapes, bananas, pineapple, and even fish stimulate the release of the feel-good chemical serotonin.

5. Always remain active.

Are the roads are icy and making e-biking difficult? Look for an alternative type of exercise such as jogging or skiing. A walk in the fresh air is enough to banish tiredness and a bad mood. 30 minutes of light exercise a day is all it takes to feel good during the dark time of year. Even if the weather sometimes prevents you from leaving the house, you can use a bike exercise stand indoors, which allows you to turn your e-bike into a home trainer. It is important to remember to remove the battery and not to switch the motor on.

Our current range will allow you to find the ideal FLYER e-bike to accompany you safely through the winter. Arrange a test ride with your FLYER dealer today.