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FLYER food guide: Why cyclists need carbohydrates.

Low-carb diet? Turning down that plate of spaghetti before your bike ride? We’ll show you why that’s not a good idea for e-bikers.

No matter how well we know our bodies and how much we know about nutrition, we sometimes have a tendency to eat fewer carbs. Why is that? Because we’ve read or heard somewhere that cutting carbs is healthier. But, as a keen cyclist, avoiding carbs is not the best strategy, either for your performance or your recovery. 

Carbohydrates are a key part of our energy metabolism. They give our bodies the fuel they need to achieve top performances as well as helping them regenerate. Stored as liver and muscle glycogen, carbohydrates not only supply energy but also influence how our bodies function. For example, they trigger the production of hormones and prevent us from depleting our reserves. If you’re looking to lose a bit of weight, it may well be a good idea to avoid carbs here and there, but you shouldn’t omit them entirely. If our stores of carbohydrate are drained, we too feel drained and feeble.

Not all carbohydrates are perfect energy suppliers, however. The best ones are pasta, rice, oats and wholegrain products. These take longer to digest and therefore offer a continuous supply of energy over a longer period. 

If you go out on your e-bike a lot, you should be eating carbs at different points throughout the day. This will stop you losing steam, even on long days. You could start the day with wholegrain toast topped with nuts and fresh fruit, eat a delicious green salad with quinoa for lunch and enjoy mixed vegetables with rice for dinner. This will help you stay on even better form throughout the day, even with one or two more e-bike trips thrown in.