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How to prevent your battery from going into deep sleep mode.

The days are getting shorter, the mornings colder and a cool breeze is blowing: autumn is well and truly here, pushing out those long, summer days. Time to hibernate – but not for your battery!

With the warm summer days behind us and winter, though still a little way off, drawing ever closer, you may prefer to leave your FLYER e-bike in the garage now and again. But if it’s been a little longer since you went out on your e-bike, you may have lost some stamina and power. Exactly the same is true of your battery: it too should get regular training to keep fit.

Without training, cyclists lose stamina and batteries will even fall into deep sleep mode. At least, they risk doing so if they aren’t used for an extended period. And batteries certainly don’t like being woken up from their deep sleep. This puts the battery cells under severe stress and can even cause them irreparable damage.

To avoid this, it’s important to keep your battery on the go. Let it see some action at least every six to eight weeks, even just for a short while. This means doing a quick lap on your FLYER e-bike or connecting your battery to its charger for a moment. This will help keep your battery fit through the winter and stop it going into deep sleep mode.

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