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Inside FLYER: behind the scenes of FLYER Product Management

FLYER CMO and CTO Ivica Durdevic during the interview
Our developers Dani and Berty investigate the heat that develops when riding the Uproc7
Dani & Tobia use electro CAD software to work on the electronic circuit board of the FIT display
The D1 FIT display with FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT), which we developed ourselves

In our new communication series “Inside FLYER”, we take you behind the scenes at FLYER and show you, step by step, how our FLYER e-bikes are produced. This starts with our Product Management team, where all FLYER e-bikes are conceived. Accompany our CTO and CMO Ivica Durdevic on an exciting journey through the world of FLYER.


1. How long have you been working for FLYER and what do your duties comprise?

I have been with FLYER for more than five years and, within the management team, I am responsible for the whole product development process and marketing.


2. What does a day in your job look like and what makes your field of work particularly exciting?

I am generally in the office at 8 am, and I often stay at work late, which I am more than happy to do. Meetings with colleagues and business partners lead to exciting discussions about future developments and improvements to our FLYER e-bikes and about the best way to communicate these things. Testing a new model or holding a hot-off-the-press copy of the latest season's catalogue are particularly memorable occasions.


3. What are the greatest challenges of your work?

Every day is a challenge in itself - and that is what defines my job. It is never boring. However, the biggest challenge is continuously improving our FLYER e-bikes year after year in order to make as many customers as possible happy.


4. Does your job leave any time for leisure pursuits?

It goes without saying that I also enjoy testing new FLYER series in my spare time.


5. What are the most important skills required for your job?

It is important to enjoy inventing and designing our future with e-bikes and to be able to cooperate and communicate with like-minded people. Our team and our partners combine all the specialist skills required to successfully complete all our projects.


6. Which is your favourite FLYER e-bike and why?

That's a hard decision to make! For everyday riding and longer outings on asphalt roads, my favourite bike is our Upstreet5 with its assistance level up to 45 km/h and our FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT). The 630 Wh battery also allows me to explore unknown regions: the range is always sufficient for me and the komoot app on the large colour display navigates me home again safely. The AUTO mode makes things particularly convenient as the FLYER not only changes gears for me, but also automatically selects the assistance level.

However, I am also very impressed by our TX Series with its full suspension, Bosch CX motor and ABS prototype. We are privileged enough to be one of the first manufacturers to be able to test the new ABS technology for e-bikes. Every single time I use the ABS function, I am fascinated by it all over again. It seems to be impossible to overbrake or overturn. It is unbelievable!

And if I ever go off-road, my favourite bike is the lime green Uproc7 with FIT.


7. What has been your most memorable or most successful moment at FLYER? What motivates you every day?

Over the past five years, I have been fortunate enough to experience a wealth of memorable and successful moments at FLYER. Particularly memorable occasions include presenting new models to our customers and seeing the enthusiasm in their faces. It is extremely motivating to see our customers’ positive reactions after their first test ride. That is when we know that all the work of the previous weeks and months has been worth it.

I love working on the development of our FLYER e-bikes with my young team, finding innovations, and putting together exciting stories for our customers. Our FLYER e-bikes are truly outstanding products supported by a top brand and by extremely motivated people who approach their work with high levels of commitment and passion. What more could one ask for?


8. Many FLYER riders have been faithful to us for more than 20 years. Why do you think this is the case?

Because people fall in love their FLYER e-bike and no longer want to be without it. The bike becomes a companion for many years.


9. Which three factors describe FLYER for you?

Innovative products with style and Swiss quality.


10. What does your future FLYER e-bike look like?

It will be an aesthetically pleasing FLYER e-bike weighing just 15 kg that masters any incline quietly and with ease. The long-distance range will enable the rider to explore unknown areas, and the technology will “always think with the rider”, whether in terms of enhanced safety in traffic, personal appointments, or service reminders.


11. What has changed since the pioneering years?

Although the pioneers themselves have almost all left, their “spirit” is still discernible, even if the company has not been a start-up for a while now, but instead is a strong and process-oriented organisation. Technical progress is advancing incessantly and the market must be able to react increasingly quickly, which is a challenge we are happy to accept.