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Preview: new FLYER e-bike products for 2019

FLYER Uproc7 with the all new Panasonic motor
FLYER Uproc4 with the all new Panasonic motor
FLYER e-mountainbike Uproc3 “Heidi”
FLYER Upstreet1 – trendy speedster for around town
FLYER Upstreet4 with ABS and dual battery
FLYER Gotour2 with luggage rack battery
FLYER TX-Series with Bosch eBike ABS

A new version of the FLYER Uproc e-mountainbikes with a Panasonic drive, innovative models with ABS for enhanced safety, bikes with a long range for commuters and bike travellers, and a practical compact bike in a refreshing design: FLYER has come up with a wide range of innovations for the 2019 model year. You will find an initial preview here.

Mountain 2019

Our Uproc7, Uproc4 and Uproc2 e-mountainbikes have come up trumps with the brand new Panasonic GX0 motor. Weighing just 2.9 kg, the compact drive is one of the lightest on the market, yet provides record levels of assistance with 90 Nm torque, which is a great advantage on challenging inclines, in particular. With the partially integrated, high-capacity 630 Wh battery, the new Uproc bikes are the champions of both distance and altitude among e-MTBs.

Our Uproc6, Uproc3 and Uproc1 e-mountainbikes with a Bosch drive are now also available for female mountain bikers in the "Heidi" model options. With their wonderfully fresh and feminine aubergine/berry and glacier blue/berry colours, they are aimed specifically at the requirements of female bikers.

Urban 2019

The new Upsreet4 is the ideal bike for commuting. Its dual battery concept means that a second battery can be added for twice the range. The powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor guarantees the highest level of riding dynamics, while the sporty e-bike is available with ABS as an option. This means that the Upstreet4 is setting standards not only in terms of range but also in terms of safety.

The Upstreet1 is the successor to the legendary FLYER Flogo. Its extremely compact dimensions and refreshing design make it the ideal speedster for around town. With the whisper-quiet Bosch Active Line Plus motor, the low-maintenance belt drive, and the agile 20" wheels, it combines urban mobility with a great deal of riding enjoyment. Whether you are 150 or 190 cm tall, the Upstreet1 will surprise you with its riding comfort and riding stability for people of all heights.

Tour 2019

Our FLYER Gotour2 ensures high levels of comfort, stability and safety for your everyday errands. The everyday hero is harmonious and quiet to ride with a visually discreet integrated luggage rack battery. Available in classic red, sophisticated matt black, or timeless silver, you will find a version of this bike to match your taste.

Detailed information about the new models will be available on our website from September 1, 2018.