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Well protected. Stay safe in traffic with a helmet.

Many people still completely reject the idea of wearing a bicycle helmet - even though there are numerous arguments in favour of and none against doing so. We wouldn't let our children get on a bicycle without a helmet, so why should it be any different for us?

Our aim is not to tell you tragic stories about people who were involved in a serious accident when they weren't wearing a helmet, as we are all well aware of the potentially dire consequences. However, we would like to share one statistic: four out of five head injuries would not have occurred with a helmet. It may be worth thinking about this - for you and those around you.

The aim of this article is simply to show you how to fit and wear your helmet correctly to ensure that you are protected on your rides. Bicycle helmets protect against serious head injuries provided they are worn correctly and comply with the DIN EN 1078 standard. They should also be no more than five years old. The diagram from the Magazin für Prävention, Rehabilitation und Entschädigung magazine in our slider under the title of this article shows you how to wear your helmet correctly:

  1. 1. The helmet must be positioned horizontally on your head.
  2. 2. Make sure the side straps are in front of and behind your ear and that they meet exactly below your ear.
  3. 3. There should not be space for more than one finger between the straps and your chin.
  4. 4. The fastener must not press against your throat.
  5. 5. Make sure your helmet bears the CE mark and that it complies with DIN EN 1078.
  6. 6. Ventilation slits ensure that heat does not build up under the helmet.

It is best to speak to your local FLYER dealer and obtain advice when looking for the ideal helmet.

We have compiled a few tips to prevent bicycle accidents:

The whole FLYER team would like to wish you a continued safe journey with your FLYER e-bike.