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Inside FLYER: battle for the “bike to work” throne.

Head of IT François with the FLYER “bike to work” trophy.

The “bike to work” challenge has been in full swing since 1 May, and our Head of IT, François, has been fighting tooth and nail to defend his title from last year. François offers us an insight into his day-to-day life as an e-bike commuter and talks about his favourite FLYER bikes.

The battle for the “bike to work” trophy has begun. “bike to work” is a project initiated by ProVelo Schweiz and a health promotion campaign adopted at companies throughout Switzerland.  Every year in May and June, around 65,000 commuters bike to and from work, leaving their cars in the garage. FLYER is one of around 2,200 companies that take on the challenge and thus show their commitment to team spirit, fitness and sustainable mobility.

“Two years ago, I flirted with the idea of taking part in the challenge”, François explains. “Then last year, I decided to have a go on a whim. “I'd done a few tours with my FLYER e-mountainbike and so I thought it would be a good idea to get involved in 'bike to work.'"

François covered 1,722 kilometres during the challenge in May and June 2018 and ended up winning the competition and capturing the “bike to work” trophy. The nationwide challenge raffles off various prizes to those participants who cover at least 50% of their way to work by bicycle or e-bike, regardless of the length of the journey. FLYER, however, also stages an internal competition in which the person who racks up the most kilometres  takes the crown. The winning prize? Glory, honour and the legendary “bike to work” trophy.

“My journey to work is 36 kilometres, so 72 kilometres there and back”, François explains. “Last year I often combined e-bike and train journeys on rainy days and didn’t cycle the whole way. This year I challenged myself to use FLYER bikes for the entire route, every day.” François has stuck firmly to his intentions for the most part up until now: Since the beginning of May, he has left his e-bike in the garage and taken his car to work only once. François has already covered 1,147 kilometres with his e-bike.

“I prefer to cycle with the FLYER TX Series or the Upstreet5", he says. "The full suspension of the TX Series makes the long route really comfortable and transforms rough tracks into gentle country roads. But I’m also really impressed with the high-speed version of the Upstreet5. The super performance and the large SIB battery with 630 watt hours speak for themselves."

“Last year was all about participating, but this year I want to win. Still, the feeling of being on the road with the FLYER early in the morning in good weather and coming to work in a good mood is just great too. I can recommend that feeling to everyone!" Last year’s winner wasn’t apparent until the end of the challenge, and the race for the throne is being fiercely contested once again this year. Will François win the battle?


François has worked for FLYER since 2016 and, as Head of IT, is responsible for digital projects and further developments. When he isn’t cycling to work on his FLYER Upstreet5, he enjoys spending his free time with his family and in the outdoors.