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Riding safely – on an e-bike with ABS.

E-bike and ABS? An anti-lock braking system (ABS) isn't just great for cars; it can also come to the rescue if you brake hard on an e-bike.

Are you like many many cyclists, who tend to shy away from using their front brake – especially with e-bikes, which have particularly sensitive brakes? For many, the fear of the front wheel slipping or the rear wheel lifting off the ground is just too intense.

The front brake is, however, much more effective and thus results in a shorter braking distance. And thanks to ABS, you won’t lose control of your e-bike when braking hard. Controlled and stable braking is therefore much easier with ABS.

Tested and praised.

We had the chance to put FLYER e-bikes with ABS to the test as early as summer 2018 at our ABS test ride event in Huttwil. Our ABS for e-bikes aroused curiosity and surprised and impressed just about everybody.

“It’s unusual when you brake at full power and the bike remains stable.”

“I’m amazed by the braking performance.”

“The ABS is fantastic, especially for inexperienced cyclists, as you can brake hard without fear of falling.”

These are just a few of the comments made by our test riders in Huttwil.

How does ABS for e-bikes work?

The Bosch eBike ABS system enhances your safety when you’re on the move through a combination of front wheel ABS and rear wheel lift control. High-resolution wheel speed sensors monitor the speed of both wheels. As soon as the front wheel threatens to lock up – for example if the brake is applied too forcefully – the ABS system regulates the brake pressure, thus optimising the riding stability and manoeuvrability of your e-bike. The ABS control unit also briefly regulates the brake pressure at the front wheel as soon as the rear wheel threatens to lift. This rear wheel lift control reduces the likelihood of the rider flying off over the handlebars, thus significantly contributing to your safety.

FLYER e-bikes with ABS.

The eBike ABS system was developed by Bosch and is an optional extra for the FLYER Upstreet4 and the TX Series. Think carefully about whether you want an ABS system before you buy, as the Bosch eBike ABS is fully integrated and cannot be retrofitted.

Have you ever wanted to have a go at braking hard with a FLYER e-bike with ABS? Then visit us in Huttwil or contact your FLYER dealer.