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FIT – FLYER Intelligent Technology

Intelligent on the road.

Thanks to FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT), harmonious integration and perfect tuning mean that the individual components are in constant and precise communication with each other, which allows the FLYER e-bike to perform at its best at all times.

Heading intelligently towards the future with FIT.



FIT Components

FLYER Display D1: The clear advantage.

At high speed and on challenging terrain, a perfect display is indispensable. The extremely powerful backlight guarantees readability of the uncluttered 3.5-inch colour FLYER D1 display even in bright sunlight. The large letters and clear icons are unmistakable and lead you easily to each menu item and back. The desired information is arranged logically in a user-friendly and uncluttered manner. The sophisticated design seamlessly combines style and a clear layout with FLYER's own core value of never compromising its quality standards.

FLYER Display D1

FLYER Remote RC1: Steering without distraction.

This may well be the most-used feature of the whole e-bike, which is why it is not surprising that so much attention was paid to the highest level of ergonomics and intuitive controls. With the FLYER RC1 remote, changing gears becomes a relaxed, automated and safe finger movement. The buttons and the universal joystick are also illuminated. Once the buttons have been activated, this is additionally confirmed to the rider by a slight vibration, which is made possible through intelligent technology. With your hand on the handlebars and your thumb on the remote, everything is under control and every ride on the FLYER becomes even safer. The small yet sophisticated remote is subject to the same high standards in terms of design and functionality as the FLYER D1 display, which are a hallmark of every FLYER e-bike.

FLYER Remote RC1

SIB – Smart Integrated Battery: Conspicuously inconspicuous.

The battery is impressive – if you can find it. There is a system behind this simple yet sophisticated design for FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT). FLYER engineers and designers managed to use state-of-the-art technology to integrate revolutionary cells inconspicuously and seamlessly into the frame. However hard the blows, the Smart Integrated Battery (SIB) remains firmly attached to the bracket, yet at the same time is straightforward to insert and remove. The Smart Integrated Battery once again underlines the innovative and meticulously thought-out concept that FLYER uses to raise the ergonomics and system integration of the e-bike to a new level.

SIB – Smart Integrated Battery

Multi Speed Assist System: Driven by the future.

This e-bike motor with a two-gear unit is a world first: a stroke of genius that massively expands the total gear ratio, which results in climbing capabilities and a powerful drive system that add an entirely new dimension to the scope of an ambitious e-biker. It is easy to use the FLYER RC1 remote to switch between the two gears of the multi speed assist system at any time. A fully automatic option is also available. When auto mode is activated, the gearbox independently recognises which gear to select based on measurements of speed, acceleration and pedal frequency. The system then automatically performs the switch between first and second gear, which is a truly intelligent feature. There is no doubt about it: the drive and gearbox of this new component ensure a unique riding experience with uncompromising performance.

Heading intelligently towards the future with FIT.

Multi Speed Assist System


FLYER Intelligent Technology FIT Komponenten


Complete details on FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT)

Would you like to know exactly how our company's own FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT) works and what it consists of? We have two instructive and informative videos for you that describe the individual components and FIT functions in detail.


FLYER E-Bikes FIT Probe fahren


Test ride the FLYER series with FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT) in your local area.

Be intelligent on the road! With FIT.

Kujtim Zekiri, a member of the FLYER production team, has already made a few dozen series with FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT). Even if he can be seen constructing an Uproc7 here, the U Series is his favourite model.


FLYER E-Bikes Elektrorad Testsieger


Awesome! Convincing test performance by two FLYER e-bikes with FIT technology

The Uproc7 e-mountainbike and the urban U-Series by FLYER have achieved top marks in extensive tests by the renowned German e-bike magazine ElektroRad.



Are you FIT for the future?

Our new FLYER e-bikes have already met with a very positive response in the media. An impressive number of articles in the relevant specialist journals and well-known magazines from German-speaking Europe are praising the 2017 FLYER portfolio.

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Fantastic! The e-bikes equipped with the global innovation that is FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT) are now available.

Your patience has paid off and from today you can order the e-bikes with FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT). We are delighted to provide you with the details of the prices, components and available features for the FLYER U-Series with pedal assist up to 45 km/h and for the FLYER Uproc7, Uproc4 and Uproc2 e-mountainbikes.

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The waiting is over: product overviews and prices for the FLYER series featuring FIT have been finalised!

We are pleased to announce the product overviews and prices of the FLYER U-Series and the FLYER Uproc7. The FLYER Uproc7 will even be available in three different colours.

And there’s more still!

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Put to the acid test: the new FLYER Uproc7.

Before every large-scale FLYER e-bike launch, FLYER employees Berthold Jonientz (Research and Development) and Daniel Röthlisberger (Development Engineer) perform internal tests on the test stand. Today, the brand-new FLYER Uproc7 e-mountainbike with FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT) is mounted on the stand.

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Strength, design and stability: the new FLYER U-Series.

FLYER colleague Andrea Christ, Online Marketing Manager, was able to put the new FLYER U-Series to the acid test. A brief clip of this test ride can be seen in the video. Andrea comments: "The first thing I noticed was the powerful drive system. The fine calibration of the motor as it switches from first to second gear is also brilliant - as is the additional power thrust that FIT makes possible."

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FLYER Intelligent Technology: fine-tuned to perfection

Our development department is always open to ideas when it comes to making our FLYER e-bikes even better. And that's exactly what we've done: our engineers developed FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT) based on our many years of experience and on surveys carried out among customers and dealers.

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