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Gotour2 | FLYER E-Bikes

Everyday hero in a simple design.

Reduced to the essential, the Gotour2 offers everything expected of a high-quality E-Bike. While its clear lines make it attractive to look at, its premium low step-through aluminium frame offers a high level of comfort
and riding stability. The compact Bosch Performance Line drive provides harmonious and quiet assistance up to 25 km/h. At speeds over 25 km/h or when the motor is switched off, the Gotour2 can almost be ridden like a conventional bicycle with minimal pedal resistance. The luggage rack battery, which is visually discreet and easy to remove, provides a long range. Whether on long tours or for eventful everyday riding, the versatile Gotour2 is an ideal companion.

Price: from EUR 3'199.00

Bosch Performance Line

With a maximum torque of 65 Nm and up to 300 % support, the new Bosch Performance Line drive unit provides sufficient power for sporty riding. The efficient drive provides dynamic acceleration and guarantees an authentic riding sensation with minimal pedal resistance over 25 km/h or when switched off. All of this is easy and silent.

Bosch Intuvia on-board computer

Intuvia offers optimized operating comfort. Handling is self-explanatory and the display is clearly visible, even in sunlight. This gives you a view of all riding data at all times. Intuvia reliably informs you about speed, distance, riding time and the current range. The separate control unit enables the Intuvia to be operated using your thumb.

Stable, integrated luggage rack

The robust luggage rack is a fixed component of the frame. It ensures maximum stability and a confident, smooth riding style even when you're carrying luggage.

Bosch PowerPack 500 luggage rack battery

The Bosch PowerPack 500 luggage rack battery can easily be removed and charged either externally or on the bike itself using the charging port. Boasting 500 Wh of capacity, the battery is perfect for longer tours.

Extra wide and low step-through

For convenient mounting and dismounting.

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