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Gotour5 | FLYER E-Bikes

The modern and comfortable e-bike.

Go on extensive tours, master steep inclines without difficulty, and enjoy the highest level of comfortable and smooth riding. The second-generation Gotour5 is the new version of the legendary comfortable FLYER e-bikes of the C Series and T Series. The Gotour5 has been consistently designed for comfort with its upright seating position, height-adjustable handlebars with Speedlifter, and comfortable saddle. The stable low step-through frame guarantees a smooth ride and confident handling. Combined with the Panasonic motor of the latest generation that provides smooth and powerful assistance and the high-capacity battery designed for a long range, the Gotour5 guarantees endless riding enjoyment.

Price: from EUR 3'499.00

Panasonic GX Power

The new Panasonic GX Power motor is impressive with its particularly smooth and quiet assistance. With 60 Nm torque and assistance of up to 300 %, the compact and light drive unit guarantees dynamic and relaxed riding even when going uphill.

Panasonic GX Ultimate

Weighing just 2,9 kg, the new Panasonic GX Ultimate is one of the lightest in its class, yet provides record levels of assistance with 90 Nm torque and 600 watts of peak performance. The new drive unit is impressive with its constant power output across an extremely wide pedal cadence range, which means the best level of assistance is also guaranteed at a low pedal frequency.

STB-750 or STB-630 battery

High-capacity batteries offering 630 or even 750 Wh make the Gotour5 a champion of both distance and altitude. The battery can be charged on the bike itself or easily removed. The large grip area makes for simple handling.

FLYER display and remote

The control elements developed by FLYER are clearly laid out, simple to operate and perfectly ergonomic - quality you can touch and experience. The 3.5 -inch FLYER D1 display with comprehensive additional functions is available as an option. Find out more about FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT).

Extra wide and low step-through

For convenient mounting and dismounting. The low centre of gravity guarantees confident handling and maximum riding safety.

Speedlifter Twist

Thanks to the Speedlifter Twist, the handlebars can be vertically adjusted in just two steps (no tools required), allowing you to set a comfortable seating position. The FLYER handlebars can be turned 90° to save space during storage.

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