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Gotour6 | FLYER E-Bikes

The exceptional perfectionist.

A progressive design and the sleek integration of drive and battery into the frame make the Gotour6 a touring E-Bike of the next generation. From the cables that have been invisibly integrated into the frame to the components that are perfectly coordinated in terms of function and appearance, the Gotour6 displays a great love of detail. With its smooth and comfortable premium riding performance and its harmonious and whisper-quiet Bosch drive, the Gotour6 causes the FLYER smile to spread across your face. Available in three frame shapes and with a wide range of features – including a low-maintenance belt drive – this high-end E-Bike leaves nothing to be desired.

Price: from EUR 3'499.00

Bosch Performance Line

With a maximum torque of 65 Nm and up to 300 % support, the new Bosch Performance Line drive unit provides sufficient power for sporty riding. The efficient drive provides dynamic acceleration and guarantees an authentic riding sensation with minimal pedal resistance over 25 km/h or when switched off. All of this is easy and silent.

Bosch Intuvia on-board computer

Intuvia offers optimized operating comfort. Handling is self-explanatory and the display is clearly visible, even in sunlight. This gives you a view of all riding data at all times. Intuvia reliably informs you about speed, distance, riding time and the current range. The separate control unit enables the Intuvia to be operated using your thumb.

Bosch Kiox on-board computer (optional)

The Kiox on-board computer is the perfect training partner for ambitious riders: robust, small and compact, but in a clear, stylish design. You can keep track of the battery charge level, as well as your speed, heart rate and performance. The magnetic holder allows for speedy installation, as well as a firm hold.

Gates carbon drive

The high-quality carbon-reinforced belt drive is clean, rust-resistant, and particularly low maintenance.

FLYER Tensor

With its striking design, the FLYER Tensor provides a high level of steering head rigidity and precise steering behaviour.

Smart battery integration

Carefully thought-out positioning and secure attachment of the integrated PowerTube battery. Convenient charging even with an integrated battery thanks to protected charging port.

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