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FLYER FAQ – frequently asked questions

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Say goodbye to the winter blues! Stay cheerful during the cold time of year.

When the weather gets colder, the sun shines less, and the summer holidays are still a long way away, it can be difficult to get motivated to go on an...

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FLYER food guide: delicious Christmas biscuits.

Should I or shouldn’t I? Christmas biscuits are delicious, but are often also fairly high in calories with all the sugar and butter they contain. Let...

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Five reasons to put a FLYER Upstreet5 under your Christmas tree.

When the aroma of cinnamon and gingerbread fills the air and the streets are filled with a thousand twinkling lights, Christmas is on its way. Are you...

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Exciting presents with FLYER e-bikes.

Is the gift of time not one of the best things ever? If you are looking for an exceptional or a new experience, you are in the right place with us.

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FLYER Food Guide: the ideal breakfast for cyclists.

Riding your FLYER e-bike through the winter is the best way to ensure that you are fit and healthy. However, as your body has higher energy and...

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Ride safely and conveniently with a rearview mirror.

For a long time, the rearview mirror was not considered to be modern or particularly sporty. However, there are good reasons for using one. Find out...

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How should I dispose of my old battery?

A battery generally lasts for around five years, depending on how much wear and tear it gets. After that, it’s time to get rid of it – but how? And...

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I have a question about my FLYER e-bike, what should I do?

Want to know something about your e-bike or have a problem and don’t know who to speak to? We’d be happy to help.

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FLYER food guide: Why cyclists need carbohydrates.

Low-carb diet? Turning down that plate of spaghetti before your bike ride? We’ll show you why that’s not a good idea for e-bikers.

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Does e-biking promote health?

Exercise is healthy, and cycling is healthy, but what about e-biking? Does it promote health to same degree as normal cycling or is that just wishful...

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