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FLYER FAQ – frequently asked questions

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Lost for ideas on where to go on a tour? This is how you can find the best tours in your local area.

A glorious weather forecast, not a single cloud in the clear blue sky, your FLYER e-bike is ready, but you don't know where to go? This is not a...

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FLYER food guide: superfoods for top performance.

If you regularly commute to work on your FLYER e-bike or go on long tours after work, these superfoods will help you to ride even further.

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Autumn has arrived together with our new touring e-bikes!

When the leaves start changing colour, the sun is lower in the sky, and the countryside is bathed in golden light, you know that autumn has arrived....

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New, new, new - our urban e-bikes.

Have you already had a look at our new FLYER urban e-bike models? Although autumn has only just arrived, the new year has started for us. All FLYER...

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Now – our new e-mountainbike models!

Everything new for September – our new models for 2019 have arrived! State-of-the-art mountain bike technology meets more than 20 years of e-bike...

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What you need to know about sun protection when e-biking.

Whether on stony trails, at high altitude in the mountains, on bumpy forest paths or on a long Sunday excursion, the sun is our constant companion and...

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Where do I find my frame number?

Do you have an individual question about your FLYER e-bike, would you like to order replacement parts, or would you like to book a service? If so, the...

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FLYER food guide: how to replenish your energy at the end of your tour.

If you have just completed a long tour, it is time to recharge your batteries. We will tell you which types of food are best for replenishing your...

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Freedom, lightness & safety: this is our FLYER Upstreet5.

Whether on the road, on a quick commute, or when veering off to ride on a country track, our FLYER Upstreet5 turns e-mobility into an experience. Let...

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E-biking in summer: how to keep your cool.

E-biking is the most fun in summer. We take advantage of the good weather and warm temperatures to cycle to work or to the outdoor pool, and to go on...

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