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To Finland on a FLYER e-bike: a special honeymoon.

From Meersburg by Lake Constance to the far north with the FLYER T Series. Klaus Johner ventured on a very special honeymoon when he rode his FLYER...

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FLYER food guide: how to maintain your energy on a long tour.

Have you planned a long tour for the weekend? To ensure an energetic start to your day, we will tell you what to eat for breakfast on the day of your...

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Preview: new FLYER e-bike products for 2019.

A new version of the FLYER Uproc e-mountainbikes with a Panasonic drive, innovative models with ABS for enhanced safety, bikes with a long range for...

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FLYER food guide: light summer snacks for en route.

The sun is shining and the main e-bike season is in full swing. An increasing number of cyclists are taking to the cycle paths. With mild...

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Experience the Silk Route - on a FLYER e-bike.

Journalist Andrea Freiermuth has been preparing for an adventure with our FLYER Upstreet5 on the Silk Route all the way to China. She has already...

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From Switzerland to Sweden with the FLYER e-bike.

From Switzerland to Sweden with our FLYER tandem: René Burkhard and his wife Marlen have been looking forward to this magnificent adventure for weeks....

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FLYER food guide: popular snacks for cyclists.

On long tours, in particular, it is a good idea to take healthy and delicious snacks with you. They provide the energy you need for your upcoming...

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FLYER food guide: energy for en route.

If you are out on a long ride, you will need appropriate food. You set off on your tour, ride past green forests, glimmering lakes, and vast meadows,...

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Design & Innovation Award for our FLYER Upstreet5.

How fantastic! Our Upstreet5 impressed the international expert panel in the Urban category with its overall concept that combines safety, comfort and...

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Conquer the streets in your town - with the FLYER Upstreet5.

Allow us to introduce our new FLYER Upstreet5. Whether on the road for rapid commuting from A to B or when veering off to ride on a country track, our...

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