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Style and comfort combined in a high-end tour e-bike.

Would you like to know more about our new FLYER Gotour6 series? Get ready for the perfect combination of dynamic design, stability and comfort. Embark...

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What do I need to pay attention to when test-riding a FLYER e-bike?

Are you sitting on a FLYER e-bike for the first time ready to put it to the acid test on a test ride? We will tell you how to find your perfect FLYER...

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Twice round the world over a distance of 82,000 km. Siggi from Bielefeld made it!

Today we’d like to introduce another FLYER enthusiast who’s already been round the world twice on his FLYER T Series. Interested to find out about...

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Have you mastered the fastest e-mountainbike discipline?

For a long time, high-speed descents on an e-bike were thought to be only for the fearless. But the downhill scene is seeing steady growth, with...

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Travel across Europe on a FLYER with Marti Reisen.

Experience the feeling of freedom on a FLYER and enjoy culinary and cultural highlights all over Europe.

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Enjoy an e-MTB week on the most beautiful single-track trails in the Dolomites.

The Steineggerhof hotel is located at the heart of the Eggental valley holiday region and 13 kilometres from Bozen, the regional capital of South...

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Active outdoor experiences in all seasons with VivaTrail!

VivaTrail has been offering enjoyable outdoor experiences in all seasons for more than twelve years. As a bike pioneer, Markus Isenmann was already...

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The FLYER diary.

Today we would like to introduce a very special FLYER rider to you. Christina, from the beautiful city of St. Gallen in Eastern Switzerland, has been...

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Fantastisch! Zwei FLYER E-Bikes erzielen erneut Bestnoten.

Einmal mehr konnten unsere FLYER E-Bikes die Jury überzeugen. Gleich zwei FLYER E-Bikes erzielten im grossen Test des renommierten deutschen...

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