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FLYER FAQ – frequently asked questions

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9 tips for the ultimate e-bike travel adventure.

Travelling by e-bike is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and discover routes in a whole new way. With the right planning and...

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What shouldn’t be missing from your toolkit.

Anyone who uses their e-bike regularly or plans long trips should have a small toolkit with them on the go.

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Questions and answers relating to the e-bike battery.

The battery is one of the most important parts of the e-bike. It supplies the motor with the electric power required to provide assistance when...

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How can I adjust the display settings?

The operating instructions for your FLYER e-bike will tell you how to adjust your display settings.

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How do I operate the display on my FLYER e-bike?

You will find information about operating the display and your FLYER e-bike in the FLYER operating instructions. The title page always shows which...

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Are e-bike riders obliged to wear a helmet?

We advise all e-bike riders to wear a bicycle helmet. However, there is no legal requirement for riders to wear a helmet on e-bikes with pedal assist...

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Where can I test out a FLYER e-bike?

FLYER e-bikes can be tested out at your local FLYER dealer, at exhibitions and events, and at the FLYER showroom in Huttwil.

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I want to switch my FLYER dealer. Can I do that?

You can contact a new FLYER dealer at any time if you’d like to switch.

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I need a spare part for my FLYER e-bike. Where can I buy this from?

Your FLYER dealer will order the spare part for your FLYER e-bike. FLYER does not sell or market any spare parts directly to consumers.

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My FLYER e-bike needs to be repaired. What should I do?

Contact your local FLYER dealer concerning repairs.

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