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FLYER FAQ – frequently asked questions

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Where can I buy a FLYER e-bike?

FLYER has a broad network of qualified FLYER dealers where you can purchase a FLYER e-bike.

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Is there a software update for my FLYER e-bike?

Your FLYER dealer can check whether your e-bike has the latest software and update it if necessary.

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What does FIT mean? What does FIT comprise?

FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT) – developed in-house – takes FLYER e-bikes to a whole new level of evolution. By networking all important bicycle...

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Is my charger compatible with every e-bike battery?

You will receive the right charger for your e-bike battery with your FLYER e-bike. This charger is only compatible with the corresponding battery...

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What type of gears should I choose? Hub gears or derailleur gears?

The choice of gears depends mainly on the FLYER e-bike's area of use. With derailleur gears, gears are changed by selecting a sprocket on the rear...

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How long is the warranty claim period for my FLYER e-bike? Where can I find the FLYER terms of warranty?

The superb quality of our FLYER e-bikes is reflected in our exceptional and long-term FLYER warranty. We have put together the terms of warranty on a...

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Does my FLYER e-bike need a permit?

FLYER e-bikes with pedal assist of up to 45 km/h may only be ridden on public roads with a licence plate plus a valid insurance sticker. The rider...

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How old do I have to be to ride a FLYER e-bike?

The minimum age for driving all e-bikes is 14 in Switzerland.

Young people aged 14 and 15 require a category M driving licence (for motorcycles) to...

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Where can I find suitable accessories for my FLYER e-bike?

Your local FLYER dealer will advise you on suitable accessories. 

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Can I order and retrofit a stand or mudguards for my FLYER e-mountainbike?

Mudguards and stands are fitted on bikes in the FLYER Goroc series as standard. If you want something retrofitted to the e-mountainbike (Uproc...

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