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FLYER FAQ – frequently asked questions

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Does FLYER also sell pre-owned e-bikes (used vehicles)?

Yes, FLYER also sells pre-owned e-bikes. You can buy one from the showroom in Huttwil or at your local FLYER dealer.

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Can I buy a FLYER e-bike from the showroom in Huttwil?

If it is not a pre-owned FLYER e-bike, your newly ordered FLYER e-bike will need to be produced first, and cannot be bought directly from the...

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How are the frames for FLYER e-bikes developed and manufactured?

The premium-quality, hand-welded aluminium frames were specifically developed for e-bikes. They allow a total weight of 130 -149 kg and are designed...

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How do I find the right frame size for me?

In the following PDFs, you will find precise frame size details for every FLYER e-bike so you can find the right one for your height. All size...

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What is the permitted total weight of my FLYER e-bike? Which components are included in the total weight?

The permitted total weight of our FLYER e-mountainbike is 130 kg.

The permitted total weight of our FLYER touring e-bikes and urban e-bikes is 149 kg...

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How do I fold and unfold the FLYER Pluto or the FLYER Upstreet2?

You will find information on how to fold and unfold the FLYER Pluto in the operating instructions.

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Do I need insurance for my FLYER e-bike?

Contact your personal insurance provider about e-bike insurance (e.g. anti-theft protection or fully comprehensive insurance).

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Which speed categories are e-bikes available in?

FLYER e-bikes are available with pedal assist of up to 25 km/h and up to 45 km/h. 

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What do the various series names mean (F Series, C Series, U Series)?

The C Series stands for “comfort”. However, the other names no longer have any significance and are simply added to the product portfolio in the...

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Does FLYER offer a model with a belt drive?

FLYER offers various models with a belt drive. FLYER uses the high-quality, carbon-reinforced Carbon Drive™ belt drives by market leader Gates. These...

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