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FLYER FAQ – frequently asked questions

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What does auto mode mean?

In auto mode, the assistance level automatically adapts to the topography, which allows an extremely efficient manner of riding.

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Can my battery be used with any e-bike?

No, batteries are only compatible within their own product line and cannot be used with other models or brands.

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I want to clean my e-bike. Is there anything I need to be aware of regarding the battery?

Before cleaning your e-bike, make sure you remove the battery so that no water gets in and the contacts are not damaged. The battery can be wiped...

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Where can the battery be returned to for disposal at the end of its service life?

Anywhere that sells batteries is obliged to take batteries back, regardless of their brand. This means that a battery can be returned to your FLYER...

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Can my battery be repaired?

Contact your local FLYER dealer immediately if you feel that your e-bike battery is no longer working properly. Your dealer can use a measuring device...

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Is there anything about my e-bike battery that I need to be aware of in winter?

Cold weather reduces battery performance. However, this does not mean that you need to leave your e-bike in the cellar over the winter months! Simply...

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How far can I go with a fully charged battery?

The range depends on many factors. In addition to battery capacity, the selected level of engine assistance, geographical conditions, road surface,...

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Can I have the performance/capacity of my battery checked?

If you feel like something is wrong with your e-bike battery, you can have its performance checked; please contact your FLYER dealer.

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Can I prolong the service life of my battery?

Following simple rules for protection, transport and correct storage can have a positive impact on the service life of the battery. Store the battery...

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How long is the service life of my battery?

A battery generally loses about 10% of its capacity each year. However, the exact service life cannot be predicted as this is heavily dependent on the...

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