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FLYER FAQ – frequently asked questions

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What happens if I charge the battery for too long?

A battery management system is integrated into the FLYER battery to protect the battery against overcharging, undervoltage and overheating. Single...

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What do I do if my display shows an error message?

You will find information and tips on rectifying error messages in the relevant operating instructions. In the case of any other error messages,...

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Which types of display are there?

The operating consoles differ depending on the drive system (Panasonic or Bosch) and age of your e-bike. You can find information about your display...

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How do I operate the pushing aid?

The pushing aid is activated by an operating console and is limited to 6 km/h. The FLYER e-bike can conveniently be moved out of underground car parks...

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How many charge cycles does the battery have?

Can I charge the battery at any time or do I have to wait until it is fully discharged?

Modern lithium-ion batteries no longer have a charge memory....

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How do I charge the battery?

You can charge the battery at any time either separately from or on your FLYER e-bike without reducing its life span. Interrupting the charging...

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How do the continuously variable Nuvinci/Enviolo gears work?

You can operate the manual, continuously variable Enviolo gears by simply turning the shift lever on the handlebar and the transmission immediately...

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How long do I have to charge my battery for?

It depends on the battery's capacity. It basically takes about two hours to charge your e-bike battery to 50%. The time it takes to charge will,...

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Inside FLYER: battle for the “bike to work” throne.

The “bike to work” challenge has been in full swing since 1 May, and our Head of IT, François, has been fighting tooth and nail to defend his title...

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Care tips for my FLYER e-bike.

Find out how in just 15 minutes you can get your FLYER e-bike bright and shiny again after your e-bike tour.

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