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Upstreet1 | FLYER E-Bikes

The agile speedster for around town.

The Upstreet1 displays its greatness in confined spaces. With its compact dimensions and refreshing design, this extraordinary e-bike combines urban mobility with riding fun. Despite its compact 20-inch wheels and agility, the Upstreet1 boasts an astoundingly high level of riding stability, and with the riding comfort expected of FLYER, is convincing over long distances, too. The whisper-quiet Bosch Active Line Plus motor allows you to ride through urban areas almost silently.

Price: from EUR 3'399.00

Bosch Active Line Plus

The power of the Active Plus drive unit is delivered smoothly to achieve a natural riding sensation. Even crossing the 25 km/h boundary is possible with minimal pedal resistance. The particularly quiet motor supports the rider with up to 50 Nm.

Compact dimensions

The Upstreet1 is proof of how compact a fully-fledged premium e-bike can be. With an overall length of just 160 cm, the compact FLYER can be stored in the smallest space. For increased space efficiency, the Speedlifter Twist enables the handlebars to be rotated by 90° in just two steps without tools.

One size fits all

This one-size e-bike remains faithful to the "one for all" motto and is suitable for anyone who is 150 to 190 centimetres tall. The Speedlifter Twist Pro means that, in the same way as the saddle, the handlebars are easy to adjust vertically in just two steps without tools.

Extra wide and low step-through

For convenient mounting and dismounting. The low centre of gravity guarantees confident handling and maximum riding safety.

Gates carbon drive

The high-quality carbon-reinforced belt drive is clean, rust-resistant, and particularly low maintenance.

Convenient battery charging

With just a few easy moves, the integrated PowerTube 500 battery can be removed for charging. Alternatively, the battery can also be charged directly on the bike using the protected charging port.

Specifications and prices

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