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Our FLYER news

Here you find the latest news regarding FLYER and e-bikes. Click on the single articles to read more. Have fun!


Inside FLYER: behind the scenes of FLYER Product Management

In our new communication series “Inside FLYER”, we take you behind the scenes at FLYER and show you, step by step, how our FLYER e-bikes are produced. This starts with our Product Management team, where all FLYER e-bikes are...


E-bike tours: the most popular destinations for 2018

Bicycle tours are enjoying increasing popularity, and destinations are becoming further flung and more exotic. However, even classic routes such as the Elbe Cycle Route and Danube Cycle Route are constantly expanding their...


FLYER food guide: the ideal breakfast for cyclists

Riding your FLYER e-bike through the winter is the best way to ensure that you are fit and healthy as you start the new year. However, as your body has higher energy and calorie requirements on winter tours, the right breakfast...


Tips and tricks for cycling tours in winter

Large, heavy snowflakes land slowly on roads and fields, painting our landscapes in the colours of winter. You are sitting comfortably watching the cold weather with a hot cup of tea and enjoying the warmth of your log fire. If...


Fitter and healthier throughout the year - as a year-round cyclist

Do you ride your bike all year round? Congratulations, as this means that you are part of the group of people who “go” through life more vigorously and healthily. Although most people are aware of the fact that cycling is healthy...


Ready for winter: the ideal accessories for any kind of weather

Winter has arrived and temperatures are dropping. Cold temperatures should not, however, stop anyone from cycling. With the correct equipment, you can enjoy your winter outings.


Gift suggestions for bicycle tour lovers

Enjoy nature and discover new landscapes and countries - if possible all summer long! We have compiled a few ideas to make your trips even better.


Gift suggestions for e-mountain bikers

Passionate mountain bikers generally need nothing more than a trail, a bike, and nature for a successful tour. However, there are various other items that can make riding even more fun or even more comfortable. We have compiled a...


Gift suggestions for commuters

Whether you want to commute to work, go on a shopping tour, or discover new parts of town, FLYER urban e-bikes will get you to your destination elegantly and easily. For many commuters, cycling is no longer simply cycling, but...


See and be seen on your e-bike

When the days get shorter and the nights longer in winter, it is particularly important to make sure you are visible in the dark. Research shows that cyclists drastically overestimate the distance at which they are detectable by...

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